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Justice League Is Coming!!!

Updated on April 30, 2014

Hi everybody,

I honestly thought I was going to start this week by posting something about the Batman Vs Superman movie and the announcement it had at the most recent Comic Con in San Diego.But last night while I was watching tv I went through my basic outlets to finding info and it went from basically how the weather is here right now in MN.It started as a dim silence to a loud clapping from thunder and rain as it was announced online that Zack Snyder is going to be helming not only Batman Vs Superman and giving everybody a fight that they are just waiting and waiting in anticipation for.But he is going to try and pull off something that no one else has done and get Batman,Superman,Wonder Woman,Aquaman,Cyborg,Green Arrow(Bring on Stephen Amell!!) and The Flash(Possibly also from the Arrow series) and more IN THE SAME ROOM AND SPACE.Like I know some people are high up in Marvel world and whatever they do is unbeatable but seriously you have to think about this from a comic book fan's perspective that having all these people on the big screen together and all the Avengers already doing their thing is like the best thing anyone could ask for.

I remember 12 to 13 years ago before Nolan put out that unforgettable trilogy that people who loved comic books would just sit there and think like "what if this happened?" Or "Could you imagine if they did this?? Or that!!" But now all imagination is out the window and we will be able to put an actual actor to some of these great characters that have been living dormant in the DC Universe for so long. Now granted before everybody reading this gets either thrown into a tizzy or very turned off by it because I'm not mentioning Marvel every 3 seconds you just have to remember that they have a plan(and a very ambitious one at that) set out by Kevin Feigie over at Marvel to have movies like until 2029??? So you have to think if you are between the ages of 21-25 right now you will be ballpark around 40-45 years old when those movies are done being made and his plan is done so it is ALOT of Marvel to see in the future and by then who knows after it's all laid out and he's done with ideas if that's ever possible then people could start wanting crossover movies and having Spider Man FINALLY showing up in the Marvel world instead of hearing about the rumor of an Oscorp building being used in the Avengers.

But back to the topic of what is at hand.If you think about the fact that they have their Superman in Henry Cavill and Batman in Ben Affleck which is growing on me personally by the day and with the additions of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman which I hope works out because she needs to actually show that she can "Act" in this Batman Vs Superman movie and this isn't another car movie because if people don't like this and it tanks it could destroy everything for a long time and I mean to be honest so far she is the only wild card in all of this because Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor or from what I am hearing a very young Lex Luthor with hair so it might take some adjusting but at least we know he can act if placed in the right position(Social Network Anybody??).Jeremy Irons as Alfred was a tricky one to get my head around because I didn't see him as somebody who would want to delve into comic book films but I mean if he showed the same caring abilities that Michael Caine did in the Nolan universe and we all know he can act I could see if working.The most recent addition was Cyborg to the film and he is going to be played by Ray Fisher who from what I've been hearing did like a good chunk of his acting in London and Paris in theatre and from listening to Kevin Spacey talk about doing that he already gets a pass on knowing how to act in my book just off that alone.Because at times you could be the central character and have 45 minutes of dialogue and have to pull it off amazingly so if he can play the character right kudos to him for getting the job.Also a side note to that is he will just play the character before turning into Cyborg and kind of let his character mold more then possibly it'll turn later on into something more.

So before I finish this off I hope we all can remember that when these movies come out it isn't like WAR ON MARVEL!! Like yes I know Warner Bros wants to make money on their properties but having Cap 3 be on the same day as Batman Vs Superman and at this time nobody wanting to move you should think of it as more of a "Have your cake and eat it too" situation as a comic book fan since two comic book movies come out on one day and one leading to a team up movie as well so it makes me think of what or if DC will have after credits on Batman Vs Superman to get everybody out of their mind as they leave the theatre which would be the best feeling ever.

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