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Justice League Review: The League Is Finally United.

Updated on November 22, 2017
Heet Navsariwala profile image

Heet likes reading comic books and watching TV shows and movies.

The best things going for Justice League are the characters and dynamics between them. Batman and Wonder Woman have been previously seen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and now continue their path in Justice League.

Justice League does a great job introducing the new characters The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg who were just glanced over in BvS. Ezra Miller's The Flash would seem quite different for the fans of the CW show but he steals the whole movie and is most likely the best characters in the movie. Cyborg played by Ray Fisher has a great arc through the movie. Introduction of Aquaman and Atlantis builds excitement for his solo outing in December 2018.

The villain of the movie, Steppenwolf voiced by Ciarán Hinds is one of the worst villains in movie history. He seems to just be there to bring the heroes and is of no more significance to the overall.

The plot seems disjointed, which makes it clear that the movie is a product of two different directors and multiple reshoots.

Though the change of tone from BvS is quite good, sometimes it is a little too toned down to feel the 'end of the world' stakes that the heroes seem to feel.

While most of the CGI is good, at some places it is too noticeable and takes you out of the movie. Steppenwolf looks like a character pulled from a video game and placed in a relaistic world.

The movie is filled with many action sequences, but many of them feel rushed through. The finale battle is not as great as one would expect.

The two end-credits scenes at the very end are an absolute joy for a DC fan and movie fans in general.

The Verdict

There are some genuine surprises in the movie to keep you interested. Justice League adds more to the DCEU mythology. The DCEU seems to be moving in the right direction with Justice League, but it's not there yet. There are some definite flaws in the movie but overall it is entertaining.

Justice League rated as 7/10.

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