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Justice League...they tried movie review

Updated on November 23, 2017
2 stars for Justice League
Love this poster.
Love this poster.

Well, they tried at least.

If you're a fan of the DCEU, then you don't give shit about this review and will see it anyways. Although, if you're not a fan or even on the edge and don't really like most of the DCEU, especially Zach Snyder, then don't bother with it. More of same terrible tonal shifts and horrendous pacing, even for a Snyder film. The visuals of this film don't really represent a Snyder film, but the poor pacing, bad editing, terrible cgi, bad writing, and horrible dialogue do represent him a lot. It's almost unbearable at points when the cgi looks like it's from the early 2000s. Some might same I'm exaggerating , but not really.

A lot of the pros for this film have been that it is more fun and light hearted, which was never a minus for me in the other films. I think they've mistaken, bland lifeless characters as being too "dark". However, that has to do with poor character building, rather than the tone of the film. Also, a story that's just lifeless and not interesting, doesn't get better because you've added quips in it. So, because of idiot fans, they decide to go light hearted, and it fails. This isn't in the marvel sense where the jokes have just gotten stale and I'm tired with the same old jokes that used to be good. It's a good shtick, but a tired one. No, this is like a grumpy third grader trying to write quips, and it is embarrassing. They feel so forced and uninteresting. The god awful "I'm rich line" from the trailers is even worse delivered in the film. Also, I think the film thinks it is funnier than it is because they have awkward pauses after every joke and it is quite embarrassing to watch. I felt bad for the actors who clearly didn't think they were funny.

The storyline is pretty bad and amateur too. There's an object or a power that the bad guy wants. The heroes team up to prevent it, but get beat. Then they come together at the end to defeat the bad guy. Done a million times better by other films. The story doesn't allow for any character or actor to shine and we're just left with nothing but a boring really basic three act structure. Like Thor 3 for marvel, people have been saying that this has turned over a new leaf. I disagree completely. Nothing here is different. Snyder has problem with pacing when he will quickly going through some parts that need to be explained better and slows it down at other parts that don't need fleshing out. These parts are usually parts that would give up good background information. Won't spoil it but the villains overall plan is kind of muddled and doesn't always make sense.

Might not like him as a director, but feel bad for what his family is going through. He seems to have passion, so hope he continues with what he loves.
Might not like him as a director, but feel bad for what his family is going through. He seems to have passion, so hope he continues with what he loves.

Snyder, please stop using slow motion on parts where we see bullets fly or when someone is doing something meaningless like opening something. One is fine, after seven to ten, it starts getting repetitive. Stop having editing problems, where we go from a huge action scene straight to people talking for like ten minutes with clingy dialogue. Where the two different scenes are confusing Howe we even got there. Can you stop having dialogue that sounds like it is coming from the most awkward person alive. Also, I would love to not over do it on the campy aspect where we have people screaming to two feet from each other in a "bro" moment. It makes the continuity off when characters act comepltley different from another movie to the next. Like with the Amazonian's in this film. Also, fix your damn color pallet. Quite annoying when everything looks dark and everything in the background looks lighter or a flair. Although, it isn't as glaring in this film as his other ones.

To give the movie credit, it passed my expectations, which were subpar at best. It also has an awesome action scene involving a rebirth of a character, which we saw in the trailer, so not really a spoiler. Some of the action scenes were really cool, when I wasn't detracted by the awful cgi. I think the avengers had better cgi and that was in 2012. Don't know what's up with WB special effects team, but they need a new one. It hurt my eyes to watch it throughout the film. Shit, they couldn't even do water right. Cyborg looked like he was glitching and Steppenwolf looked awful, especially when he was pick up people. Literally glitches. Enough of a tangent. The production decision was top notch. I loved how Gotham looked with this combination of both a new looking feel and a gothic look. Makes me want that Batman film now with a director that can direct. Beautifully captured and most of the settings where interesting enough, even the last one where it was an almost abandoned city in the middle of nowhere. The customs where also badass looking, even on underdeveloped characters or awkward comedic relief ones like the flash.

Overall, this film was a mess. It won't look like it in my final score as it looks like they're trying to fix their mistakes of having a better story to tell. I just say keep it simple and stop convoluting things. Make the characters more fleshed out, which would have been better if each character had they're one film but that's a argument for another day, and make them more relatable. They tried more in this one but *****spoiler skip to next paragraph***** having superman save the day was quite a cop out. At least he had more screen time in this than his own film. He was also ten times more interesting and felt like a different character, which they explain a little. Also, that fight scene when he awoke was pretty damn funny and interesting. The only scene where I was fully entertained.

Justice league comes close to a okay film. For the DCEU, it's okay, compared to the other shit they've had. But, as a standard film, it is still terrible. Doesn't do much in outcomes and feels like a unnecessary middle man for when dark side comes to town. I can respectfully say to skip this film, unless you like DCEU films. Which in that case, you probably didn't make it this far into them review anyways.

Hope this doesn't get worse the second time I see it. If I wanted to even see it again. Also, i hope Batman doesn't have death stroke. He looks cool but I want a more messed up villain that will break Batman's psyche.

My rating system.
My rating system.

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