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Justin Beaber Dating with Selena Gomez

Updated on November 2, 2011

Seems like Justin Beaber is quite determined to keep her squeeze Selena happy and romance her the best he can. Last Friday Justin took her to a movie like most new couples would do, right? Well not quite the way you or me would watch a movie on typical Friday night!

Justin had the famous Staples Center in Los Angeles reserved just for him and her. Yes you got it right, LA Lakers home was a scene for a private viewing of no less than the most romantic movie EVER, Titanic. Instead of 20,000 viewers that scene was for two and I guess it is nice to be Bieber, he did not have to pay a dime for the show. Apparently selling out shows in the same arena repeatedly did not hurt while asking to throw a little private screening for those two.

I'm not sure if this love match is any more real than the one between Taylor Swift and one of the Jonas brother but it sure makes good publicity! According to my close source (yes my 10 year old daughter...) Justin Bieber is SO yesterday but Selena Gomez totally rocks. On that vibe Justin better keep the roses flowing to stay on the news and charts to rekindle his success!

How long will this romance last?

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    • profile image

      Morgan 6 years ago

      I love u justin and seleana

    • profile image

      Morgan 6 years ago

      Justin and Seleana make a great cuple