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Justin Bieber Never Say Never Dance - Karate Kid 2010

Updated on June 30, 2010

Justin Bieber Never Say Never - Karate Kid Movie 2010 Dance

Never Say Never Dance - Justin Bieber

 Justin Bieber is a total sensation.  Justin Bieber was relatively unknown just a few years ago and catapulted into stardom from non other than Youtube.  Youtube itself is only 5 years old and Justin is now 16.  He recently performed the song Never Say Never from the Karate Kid Movie 2010 along with Jaden Smith, son of actor Will Smith. 

The song was so great, it inspired the girls at Fitforafeast to make up and choreograph their own dance to this song.  Fitforafeast is a website and Youtube channel dedicated to inspiring kids to get active and treat their bodies right.  Sloane and Katrina show many kids excelling at their chosen pursuits such as national gymnasts, sports figures, kid voiceover actors, dancers and even kid martial artists and fencers. 

Justin Bieber is jetting all around the world now performing for sold out crowds and inspiring kids during his current concert tour.  Justin Bieber put out his first single in 2009 to instant success. The song "One Time" was quickly followed by more hits totalling seven alone from his debut album. His online biography is already on Wikipedia.

It goes to show kids that their dreams are possible with hard work and a bit of luck. It also shows that some kids may be good at hockey while other kids make great entertainers, but everyone has something to offer and if given a chance, and put in all the work, almost anything is possible.  Justin Bieber and Sloane and Katrina from Fitforafeast are inspirations to kids everywhere that with hard work and dedication, their dreams can be achieved.

The Never Say Never Dance Video can be seen on Youtube or on

Never Say Never Justin Bieber Video -Karate Kid 2010 Fitforafeast Dance


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  • profile image

    karate kid online 2010  7 years ago

    Justin bieber is an amazing singer in my opinion. Loved the never say never song!

  • profile image

    Oakville 7 years ago

    Justin Bieber is a Canadian kid from Ontario who was discovered and became an international star with the help of Youtube. This kind of thing was not possible 10 years ago (happy 5th bday Youtube!) because the corporations controlled the media. Now, everyone has an opportunity to showcase their talent for the world to decide, so that is just awesome. The Never Say Never song by Justin Bieber is a cool tune and fit really well as the Karate Kid Movie Theme.

  • profile image

    Samantha 7 years ago

    Why do you like Justin Bieber