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The Justin Bieber Study

Updated on September 17, 2011

The Music:

I was in Knoxville, Tennessee driving around in my parents car. So many bad things had happened during that past week I was just ready to see something fun and interesting. You see, I'm a songwriter and composer and you can see why I would have such an interest in Justin Bieber. I had already heard his Baby song several times and I thought it was great but a little too simple for my taste in music, but boy was I wrong. Without thinking I made an impulse decision to purchase Justin Bieber's popular CD titled My World 2.0. I thought to myself, "You are crazy, but because I love pop music so much I think I will enjoy this CD."

Enjoy this CD...THAT was an understatement.

After getting into my car I immediately unwrapped the CD like I do most and I have to say I was pretty excited.

So, what makes this music so enjoyable?






Repetition is Key!

If you take a look at any of the really HUGE hits that I been mult-million dollar successes you will find that many of them are very catchy and repetitious. They are very clear and very simple and a lot of them have the lyrics repeat 3 times over and over like this:


Baby, baby, baby (3 X)
Oh! (#1...)
Baby, baby, baby (3 X)
No! (#2...)
Baby, baby, baby (3 X)
Oh! (#3...)
Thought you would always be mine

Did you know that Baby is YouTube's most popular video of all time? As of today at 3:06pm Eastern Standard Time he has a total of 467,026,876 hits! THAT is completely unheard of!

Never Say Never takes on a whole new meaning!

Some other really popular songs you will remember are N*Sync's Bye, Bye, Bye .  [Example #3] That is in multiples of three. Also, take a look at some of Britney's biggest hits like Womanizer :


I know what you are, are, are.
Womanizer, womanizer, you're a womanizer baby
You, you, you are
You, you, you are
Womanizer, womanizer, womanizer.

Do you see the multiples of three everywhere? Simple but very effective in getting the song stuck in your head.

Some other examples of more recent music have been Willow Smith's hit Whip My Hair .  [Example #4]  I think that is coolest song and it is so fun to dance to. People like things that are simple, fun, and easy to move around to. Something to get you going. Also, creative lyrics can also make a piece of music! For example, Britney Spears' Circus  had some very creative and suggestive punts in them:

Example #5:

There's only two types of guys out there
Ones that can hang with me and ones that are scared.
So baby I hope that you came prepared.
I run a tight ship, so beware.

You can literally visualize these songs and that is the strong point of these talented individuals. If they can catch your attention and get you to hear the song only one or two times and then you will find your almost to the point of addiction or you start getting obsessed with everything that is them. That was my case with Britney Spears several years ago. I have calmed down, but recently started doing the same thing with Justin Bieber. I have spend at least $75 this month on strickly Justin Bieber CDs, posters, magazines, calendars, notebooks, and anything Bieber I can get my hands on. That is because he attracts that attention...he draws you in and once you've heard one song you want to hear it over and over and over again. And then more!

You literally can't stop and sometimes is gets a little out of control like when those little girls in the new Justin Bieber Never Say Never movie totally freak out to the point of trying to jump on stage or hurt themselves. The movie showed some girls being hauled away by police and ambulance services. When it comes to this...enough is enough . They need professional help at that point. Or someone to talk to about their obsessive plans to marry Justin Bieber and be the mother of his children.

But kids are kids. I felt the same about Britney a long time ago. I even had a fan club for a time. I also attract other Britney's into my life. Even today!!! My hair stylist name is Brittney. I have three great friends named Brittney or Brittany. And my favorite female pop singer is Britney, so you really do bring these things into your life when you think about them for so much and listen to their music all the time . It becomes this fantasy and it feels very real. It is almost like drugs and I have been asked at times, "What have YOU been smoking?"

Believe is a high that drugs will never be able to reach. By that point you really are "gone" like what Justin says at the end of his smash hit Baby .

Justin and his Mentor: Usher

One Less Lonely Girl

At each concert Justin Bieber brings one girl fan on stage to give her a dozen roses while he serenades her with his voice and touch.  Most of the time you will see the girls either crying or hold their mouths.  Pure happiness!
At each concert Justin Bieber brings one girl fan on stage to give her a dozen roses while he serenades her with his voice and touch. Most of the time you will see the girls either crying or hold their mouths. Pure happiness!

Coming soon...

Part Two: The Man. A look a Justin Bieber as a person and young man. His personality, energy, star power, hair, smile, and other features are looked at in great detail. Why each characteristic is important to the individual and how he makes people feel like they are connected with him as if their minds were connected as one. Also, we will discussed the methods of his success, hard work, and family support system. The faith and belief that he would make it and his logo to Never Say Never. Examples will be given from his new documentary which was released this year: 2011.

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