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Justin Bieber Never Say Never Movie Review

Updated on February 6, 2011

Justin Bieber 3D Never Say Never Picture

Never Say Never Movie Justin Bieber

Are you searching for details or movie reviews of the new Justin Bieber Never Say Never? Well you have come to the right place to find out the latest news and gossip from the Never Say Never movie.

Justin Bieber is the popstar stud who appears everywhere. He is taking over the world and all preteens love him, so it comes as no surprise that Usher and co-directors decided to make a film about Justin Bieber. The film is called Never Say Never and stars Justin Bieber, his manager Usher, his friend Miley Cyrus, and his Never Say Never pal Jaden Smith. Never Say Never is expected to be a massive blockbuster hit and will arrive in cinemas for Valentines weekend. You wil get a chance to see the new Bieber movie on February 11th 2011, but it is probably advisable to book your seats as many millions of other Bieber fans will also be making the trip to the movies.

This page will provide Never Say Never movie review, where to buy the movie and details about the soundtrack as well as merchandise.

Justin Bieber Never Say Never Movie Posters

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Never Say Never Movie Review

Are you looking forward to the new Justin Bieber movie? Or have you no idea what it is about? Well basically if you hate Justin Bieber you will hate his new movie, because it is all about him!

The film is a 3D documentary which follows Justin Bieber on his My World Tour. You will get to hear Justin Bieber music and see his performances during the 100 minute film. There will also be some footage and photographs of Justin Bieber before he was famous and as a child. While this is a must watch film for all Justin Bieber fans, what do film critics have to say about the movie?

Billboard reviews believes that everyone who watches Never Say Never will become a Bieber fan as the movie shows how musical and talented Justin really is. You get to see backstage footage and find out how he impressed Usher. The girls will love the film, I mean Justin Bieber in 3D is as close as they will ever get to their idol. The movie will help young kids believe that they too, can go from a small town star to a worldwide superstar.

As with all movies, Never Say Never has a music soundtrack and here again it is all about Bieber. Find out more details including the song list, and release date of Never Say Never soundtrack.

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      professional25 6 years ago

      Justin is a really good entertainer! Good job on finding a topic people will read about in their spare time!