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Justin Bieber Gears Up for BELIEVE

Updated on June 17, 2012
Justin Bieber Album Cover
Justin Bieber Album Cover | Source

Today Show Performance

Justin Bieber is about to release his next full length studio album Believe and he's making the rounds doing some heavy promotions. On June 15th, Bieber appeared on the Today Show and had a little chat with host Matt Lauer before performing fours songs for his eager fans including new songs from the upcoming album. Before he took the stage, Bieber encouraged his 23 million twitter followers to follow Lauer. Only a measly 100,000 did but I'm sure Lauer was appreciative for the social media boost.

Bieber performed three new songs including his current single "Boyfriend" and performed an old favorite, "Baby." The two other new songs were "As Long As You Love Me" and "All Around the World." "Boyfriend" was co-written and produced by Mike Posner who's hard at work on his second album. You may remember the summer anthem "Cooler Than Me" that Posner released back in 2010. Posner's best friend rapper Big Sean collaborated with Bieber on "As Long As You Love Me" and was there to perform the song with him.

A handful of other songs from the album has leaked as well, including the much anticipated song "Maria" inspired by Maria Yeater who accused the singer of fathering her child after a short rendezvous backstage at one of his concerts. Bieber expressed himself with lyrics like "This girl, she wouldn't stop/ Almost had to call the cops/ She was scheming.../ That ain't my baby/ That ain't my girl/ Maria!"

Bieber showcases his singing chops by slowing it down a bit and singing "Fall" which was inspired by the Mandy Moore film "A Walk to Remember." Bieber sings "She was already broken and had made her mind/ but she could never believe that love could ever treat her right/ Did you know that I loved you or were not aware/ You're the smile on my face that ain't going nowhere."

The pop sensation is still showing that he can sing R&B by not only collaborating with Big Sean but also Drake and Nicki Minaj. Believe is out on Friday, June 19 and is available for pre-order now. He will be back on the Today Show Friday morning for the release of his album and will give yet another performance with a mystery guest.

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