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Justin Bieber Teen Idol

Updated on August 8, 2010

A lot of guys are wondering whats next

How Long Will It Last?

I was looking at twitter lately and found that there are literally thousands of people following this Justin Bieber guy. I’ve never heard him, but they say he is a singer and one of the most popular teen stars going. Looks like his stock is rising, and like most people in the limelight the public is always seeking something new on them. But, you have to ask yourself this question, how long will it last? Like hundreds before him, they have been to the top and disappear just as quickly.

The savvy individual out there with internet marketing strategies will surely take advantage of this opportunity to rake in some extra cash. The search engines out there must be getting thousands of hits a day for Justin Bieber.  Information on Bieber Tours and Concerts will probably receive thousands of hits, the name Justin Bieber alone will get more.

The time is now to act if you’re going to increase your traffic. This kid, Justin Bieber from Canada is hot right now and you can join in. So, look as some strategies to incorporate Justin Bieber into your articles and publish them quickly. Bieber is on a world tour right now and is all over Twitter, Facebook and more.

Also, try to aim your audience toward teenage girls, they seem to be drooling over Justin Bieber and are burning up the social network scene. I have seen hundreds of post on Twitter over the past couple of days for Bieber and links to Facebook of the same girls. If you have something to sell to teenage girls, you can’t go wrong on this one.

Just remember, include Justin Bieber as many times as you can in your article and the search engines will pick it up faster. Post your listing on Twitter and facebook and the response should be quick and overwhelming. History tells us that this may not last long; he can be gone just as quick as he came. Teenage girls are extremely fickle and when the latest and next greatest comes along, he will be just a distant memory.

So, while the teens are burning up the search engines, get yourself out there and market to the masses and ride the train until it runs out of track.  Good luck and go get em!


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