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Justin Bieber documentary

Updated on September 13, 2013

Documentary of Justin Bieber

How did I, a thirty something year old married mother of two get around to watching a documentary about Justin Bieber, the international superstar for this generation's young girls?

Well, I don't watch much television and when I finally get around to seeing something that I had an interest in seeing on television, it might no longer be relevant. It might not be what everyone is talking about.

Nevertheless, I might watch the show I missed on YouTube (Hulu has also been suggested to me). I love to watch both movie and music award shows especially the Academy Awards.

Recently, I decided to catch coverage of the 2013 Billboard music awards.

Justin Bieber's performances at the Billboard Music Awards show

I was pretty entertained by the show. There were some light moments and the performances were pretty good and tasteful. Some music award show performances are becoming more and more distasteful and controversial lately. This was a network television show not cable television so it was a little more tame.

Tracy Morgan hosted the show and there were performances by many individuals and groups including Selena Gomez, The Band Perry, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber.

Justin Bieber's performances at the show included his collaboration with Will.I.Am for the song "Power".

The night seemed to belong to Taylor Swift for many of the awards. You know how at many music awards shows, one person or band might rule the night, taking away a lot of the awards. In the past, that has happened with Beyoncé and Adele just for example.

On this night, Justin Bieber took away a fair share of awards as well.

Justin Bieber booed at the Billboard Music awards?

Sad to say, many would tell me that I have been living under a rock and I am totally out of touch but before now I never really paid Justin Bieber much if any attention at all in the news and media. I do remember his song Baby and thought it was a cute song.

What caught my attention during my viewing of the Billboard music awards were the grumblings and shall we say boos (?) at time when Justin Bieber was on stage. Why such disrespect?

Again, I did not know too much about his own controversies that he was steeped in and his own reputation for sometimes being disrespectful and combative with others such as the paparazzi.

I just thought he deserved to be able to give his performance and do his thing on stage without being heckled by the audience.

Justin Bieber speech at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards show

What got my attention even further was when Justin Bieber got on stage to receive an award and included some defense of himself in the speech. He noted that he is only 19 years old and he thinks he is doing a pretty good job. He said that it should be about the music, the craft that he is trying to present to the audience and nothing else. Cee Lo Green, the award presenter patted him on the back and I too felt that it was good for him to stand up for himself in this way.

Ok, You caught my attention

Oh my goodness, could it be that this young super famous kid finally caught my attention? (smile) Despite, his international fame, Justin Bieber seemed to remain humble and wanting to earn the respect of those who did not like him.

Many might think, that when millions of people like you so much, those that don't like you (coined the "haters") might become irrelevant to you but this did not seem to be the case for Justin Bieber.

I hadn't liked or disliked him and the majority of his music before. I just wasn't paying much attention.

Now that you've got my attention

When a famous person does capture my attention for whatever reason (sometimes for notoriety but usually for something good and inspirational), I like to learn more about the person and what got him or her to the famous position in life. I enjoy reading biographies and autobiographical books.

When I am short on time, I might pop in online and quickly skim a wiki page. I have learned a lot about famous people including celebrities and politicians through Wikipedia pages and "common knowledge". Of course, I keep in mind that Wikipedia often has a lot of inaccuracies that are in need of correction in the information.

  • Topics for my hubs?

You will see in my writing that I do not have very particular niches. I write about so many different topics. Thus far, I haven't really approached celebrity biographies but I have considered doing so with all of the information I have accumulated. Of course, I would want to do so without regurgitating a lot of what you can already find when you look online especially at Wikipedia. So, maybe look out for my celebrity biography hubs!

View Justin Bieber's Wikipedia page here:

Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer and musician that was discovered in 2008, mentored by singer Usher and catapulted to international fame.

Justin Bieber

For Justin Bieber, specifically, I was intrigued enough to skim his lengthy Wikipedia page and as I had some down time, to my own surprise, I ended up linking over to a documentary of him and watching it.

This documentary aired on network television (NBC) last year when Justin Bieber was eighteen years old.

The documentary

  • The documentary follows him during his around the world tour
  • Justin Bieber's all around the world tour was a series of free concerts to please fans and generate publicity
  • The concerts took place in over thirty cities of seven countries!
  • The countries included Mexico (Mexico City), Norway, The United States of America, France, Italy,..
  • Many young girls who previously had no access to Justin Bieber's live concerts were experiencing a dream come true
  • What Justin Bieber encountered at the concerts, in his vehicle on the street and at his hotels between concerts was mayhem as young girls were crowding around and swooning over him.
  • As Justin noted himself, the girls were particularly enthusiastic in Norway!
  • In terms of crowd control and general audience attendance, there were over 250,000 people for Justin Beiber to perform for at the concert in Mexico City, Mexico. During the documentary, it was said that even Paul McArtney of The Beatles fame drew less (100,000) when he had performed.
  • Justin Bieber seemed to be extremely disciplined and focuses on executing many performances. He always wanted to please both his fans and his management.
  • Justin really showed a lot of care about his fans sometimes giving impromptu performances from his hotel balcony to the crowd below.
  • Justin was also keeping up a lot with social media including Facebook and Twitter accounts. He didn't forget that he started with YouTube performances. He maintained a large online presence with millions of followers (currently over 44 million followers on Twitter example!). Girls were crying with happiness just to receive a tweet from him!
  • At one point during the documentary, it was shown that he had an accident walking into a glass wall and suffering a concussion. He had gone on stage and performed after hitting his head but after her left the stage, he collapsed. He was seen by a doctor and recovered quickly.
  • Even though he had already reached superstar status, Justin Bieber was also depicted as humble in the documentary. This matched the feeling that I had about him being humble. It is a very appealing quality and rare in people that are so famous.
  • During the documentary, there is no mention of the negative things such as inappropriate and controversial behavior or drug use on Justin Bieber's part.

What do Frank Sinatra, the Beatles, Elvis Presley and Justin Bieber have in common?

It is said that Frank Sinatra was one of the first performers to cause young women to swoon or faint in the 1940s. Elvis Presley, the Beatles and Justin Bieber are some of the other performers who have done this as well sometimes with controversy for the crowd disturbances the young women's reactions could cause.



So, a you a belieber (a Justin Bieber fan)?

See results


Some Lyrics from Baby

"My first love broke my heart for the first time and I was like baby, baby, baby, oh, baby, baby, baby, no. I thought you would always be mine."...

"I'll buy you anything. I'll buy any ring."

"I'm in pieces. Baby, fix me."

"Shake me 'til you wake me from this bad dream."

Will.I.Am featuring Justin Bieber: Power

Some Power lyrics

"I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive..." "I can fly, I can fly, I can fly,..."and I'm loving every second, minute, hour, bigger, better, stronger, power"...

"I used to have a piggy bank, but now I have a bigger bank. Who cares what the haters think..."

"I hate to bust your bubble, I'm on that higher level and I'm gonna take it higher..."


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    • Journey * profile imageAUTHOR

      Nyesha Pagnou MPH 

      5 years ago from USA

      Hi teaches12345, I appreciate you commenting.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      5 years ago

      Good write up on Bieber. I truly hope that he does get it all together some day. He has much talent to share and ability to help others.

    • Journey * profile imageAUTHOR

      Nyesha Pagnou MPH 

      5 years ago from USA

      Thanks for commenting Emaan. Yes, it's funny how the fans are called beliebers. That's cute.

    • Emaan Zara profile image

      Emaan zara Kazmi 

      5 years ago from Isb, Pakistan

      yeah..I love jb.I'm a big belieber !:)


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