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K-Pop Fan Clubs Part 2: JYP Entertainment

Updated on June 14, 2012
JYP Logo
JYP Logo | Source

JYP is one of the leading entertainment companies in South Korea, as such it has merged and created what are known as sub-companies, or entertainment production houses with different names, but still under the operation of JYP.

You may know some of the artists below, but may not know them as artist of JYP. So these are the companies within JYP Entertainment.

Big Hit Entertainment

AQ Entertainment

J. Tune Entertainment

The artist below are not the only artists signed under JYP but they are the artists with fan clubs, and fan colors. There are other people who sing under JYP, but do not have a fan club or fan color.

Rain | Source


Rain debuted in 2002, he is a singer, dancer, actor and founder of J.Tune Entertainment. He played the leading role in the American film Ninja Assassin as well as playing a role in Speed Racer. He has been voted Number one on the Time Magazines Most Influential Persons List two years in a row. He has accomplished both national and International success.

Fan Club: Clouds

Meaning: Clouds carry and bring the rain.

Color: Silver

Wonder Girls
Wonder Girls | Source

Wonder Girls

The wonder girls formed in 2007 as a five member female group. Through the years the group saw the loss of two original members and the gaining of two new faces. The transitions went smoothly and was accepted by the fans. The girls found major success with their first big time hit nobody. The girls have also ventured into the US singing wit Jonas Brother's company, and staring in their own movie The Wonder Girls at the Apollo.

Fan Club: Wonderful

Meaning: The fans are full of wonder for the wonder girls.

Color: Pearl Burgundy

Individual Fan club names for the members may not be officially recognized by the company or artists but they are recognized by many of their fans.

Sunye - SUNlights

Yenny - Yeparkies/ Yeeun-Impact

Sohee - Oh my Sohee/ Mandufuls

Yubin - Yubinians

Hyrim - Over the LIMit/LIMits/unLIMited

2am | Source
2pm | Source

One Day, 2am and 2pm

Both 2am and 2pm started out as a whole group known as One day. They branched off into two groups known today as 2am and 2pm. They are currently working on a special album together under the name One Day.

Fan club : I Am Hottest

Meaning: 2am (I AM) + 2pm (Hottest) = I AM Hottest

Color: Metallic Grey


They had their official debut on July 11, 2008. They are signed under both JYP and Big Hit Entertainment. They are comprised of four members and are a Pop, R&B, Soul and Ballad group. They did not hit major success until 2010 with their song "Can't Let you Go Even if I Die".

Fan Club: I AM

Color: Metallic Grey


2pm was a seven member boy band, and the other half of the whole group One Day. They debuted In September of 2008.They gained success in 2009 with second mini album 2:00PM Time for Change. They saw the departure of their leader in 2009 after an online controversy. They have since stayed a six member group.

Fan Club: Hottest

Meaning: To JYP 2pm is the hottest time of the day

Color: Metallic Grey

Individual Fan club names for the members may not be officially recognized by the company or artists but they are recognized by many of their fans.

Junho- Empresses

Junsu - Junkified

Chansung - Chantics

Nickhun - Winkies

Wooyoung - Angangel

Tacyeon - Okitzen

Miss A
Miss A | Source

Miss A

Miss A is signed under both JYPE and AQ Entertainment. They were formed 2010, they have two members of Chinese origin and two members from South Korea. They gained much success with their first Single "Bad Girl, Good Girl." They are very active within both the Chinese market and South Korean market.

Fan Club: Say A

Meaning: The members of miss A announced this in hopes their fans will shout Say A at their performances

Color: Miss A has no fan color.

Individual Fan club names for the members may not be officially recognized by the company or artists but they are recognized by many of their fans.

Fei - FEithfuls

Jia - JIAttack

Min - M&M's

Suzy - Sueweeties

JJ Project
JJ Project | Source

JJ Project

This duo just began this past May with their single bounce. They are well known as actors in the Korean drama Dream High 2.

Fan Club : Joyous

Color: They have no color at this time.

8eight | Source


8Eight is signed under Big Hit Entertainment. They are a trio consisting of two males and one female. The trio won the first season of the Popular Korean show "Show Survival". They made their official debut on Agust 25, 2007.

Fan Club: Sweet Voice

Color: 8eight has no official color

MBLAQ | Source


MBLAQ is the first and as of now only act signed under J Tune Entertainment. They were formed and mentored by JYP artists and founder of J Tune Entertainment Rain. They are a five member boy group that debuted in 2009. They saw success with their second single Y in 2010.

Fan Club: A+

Meaning: All the members of MBLAQ have blood type A the + is from the "Absolute Quality or AQ" in their name. Their name is an acronym for Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality.

Color: Pearl Chocolate

Individual Fan club names for the members may not be officially recognized by the company or artists but they are recognized by many of their fans.

G.O - G Orgeous

Lee Joon - J+

Mir - MIRacle

Thunder - Soonja

Seungho - Seungholics

Which Fan Club are you in?

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      6 years ago from USA

      Thank you so much for the comment I appreciate it,

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      6 years ago from Cape Town South Africa

      Interesting and informative hub.


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