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K-Pop! We Welcome You with Open Arms!

Updated on December 6, 2012
Girl's Generation
Girl's Generation | Source

With recent viral star Psy and his song "Gangnam Style", the United States and many other countries have been introduced to the exciting world of K-POP (Korean Pop music). While some may be familiar, K-Pop is still very new to most here in America. Slowly, with Wonder Girls, a popular girl group, having their own American TV show on TeenNick, and 2NE1 working with Will. I. AM. more and more are hypnotized by the catchy beats and fun, clean lyrics, even if they don't speak Korean. To put the sudden boom of K-Pop popularity in perspective, Pys' "Gangnam Style" is the first Korean song to be played on American Radio waves and is the most viewed video on Youtube with 842 million views.

Not only is a song on its own great, but the music videos can rival with even the best of American Pop videos. The stars are captivating, unique, and have a style all their own. They leave no idea unturned and give everything to their fans.

There are so many great reasons for K-Pop to have an extended stay in America. In general, South Korean culture is much more "tame" in comparison to some American customs. For instance, in general, girls do not show as much skin in everyday outfits and dating still holds a bit of innocence and playfulness; the young take their time dating and are polite to one another and their families. Not to say there aren't those that go beyond what is accepted, but South Korean culture is very family friendly.

The "safe for all ages" idea continues on into a majority of K-Pop music. The songs can be very uplifting and make you want to dance in a non-vulgar manner. Better yet, there is no cursing! Nothing is bleeped out. As stated before, yes, some do go outside of the box; but what would any country be without their own Lady Gaga?

To get you started on some of the more popular K-Pop groups, here are a few:

Girls Groups
Boy Groups
Solo Artists
Big Bang
Super Junior!
Girl's Generation
2 PM
Miss A
Wonder Girls
Jay Park

All of those groups are very popular. Maybe one will be your new favorite! Just keep trying and you may discover a new style of music for you. K-Pop is a genre of music that has definitely earned it's place in our hearts here in America.

Who is your favorite Kpop group?

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