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Updated on October 4, 2017

Kingsman:The Secret Service


In 1997. A secret Agent named Lee Unwin.
Sacrificed himself while on a mission.
Sacrificed for his ally Harry Hart.
Harry felt bad. He felt he didn't do his part.
He returned to London from battle.
Went to Lee's family with a medal.
A medal of valor. He gave them his card.
And told them to call him if things get hard.
Years later, Lee's son Eggsy.
Realized his capabilities.
He had the medal that Harry gave him.
After stealing a car, and called him.
Harry released him and told him.
That like his father, he is a kingsman.
He explained that one of his men.
Was killed. There was a vacancy.
He felt that slot was for Eggsy.
Eggsy accepts the offer to fill it.
But there were other choices.
Chosen by the other voices.
The other voices in the service.
They all went through a test.
But they failed. Only Eggsy progressed.
Bitter towards Hart but nonetheless
He trained with hopes to be new agent.
Meanwhile. Hart travels to the United States.
While there he was at a billionaire's estate.
Richmond Valentine. Hart sees his plans.
Valentine has a destructive plan.
A destructive plan at a church in Kentucky.
Hart flies there with the help of his training.
The people become violent but Hart kills them all.
But when he comes out he falls.
He falls. Valentine kills him.
In the meantime, Eggsy sees it.
The kingsmen see it. Eggsy screams in disgust.
They let him rejoin. He feels that he must.
Get revenge. For he owes it to Hart.
He rejoined the kingmen and did his part.
With the help of friends he trusted.
He stopped Valentine from destruction.

Kingsman: The golden circle

The Circle

Eggsy Unwin saved the world.
He changed his name and got his girl.
Just when he thought his life was set.
A former trainee of the service.
Ambushed him. But did not kill him.
Eggsy went on a chase after him.
His name was Charlie. Charlie Hesketh.
He lost his arm while trying to join the service.
He had a cybernetic arm. That he used to hack.
The servers in the car. Eggsy was driving in back.
Meanwhile, the Kingsman head office.
Was destroyed, along with all agents in Britain.
With the head office finished.
Eggsy and Merlin went to another service.
Another secret service in Kentucky
Posing as a Bourbon whiskey distillery.
They called the service Statesman.
A secret American organization.
Where they discovered a friend they thought was dead.
Harry Hart. He was shot in the head.
Shot by Valentine a year ago.
He survived it, but he did not know.
Didn't know Eggsy. Didn't know Merlin.
Thought they were someone that just came in.
Meanwhile, the statesman gave them a mission.
To track down and find, an organization.
An organization called the Golden Circle.
An organization looking for trouble.
Eggsy and his partner started the mission.
They met Poppy Adams in the midst of it.
Adams was head of a drug cartel.
Large and in charge, looking to tell.
Wanting the world to know about a toxin.
Laced with drugs that she created.
A drug that causes blue rashes.
A drug that is always progressing.
A drug she felt the president needed.
She offered it and he used it.
Meanwhile, Eggsy, Harry, and Whiskey.
Felt the drug was poison to humanity.
So they flew to an antidote factory.
They found Adams location.
& stopped the drug from spreading.

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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