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KPop vs JPop

Updated on June 30, 2017


What is KPop?

Okay, so I am guessing nearly 80% of you know what KPop is and what it stands for. You know, Gangnam Style? Yeah? If you're one of those who do not know, well K stands for Korean and Pop is a music genre. Combined together it's called KPop.

Alright, so KPop music is mainly Pop however, there are many songs in this industry that are R & B, Hip Hop, Rock, Ballad etc. So KPop is basically a mix of nearly all music genres. So why is it called KPop? The answer is simply because KPop was originally focused on Pop music but it has expanded to attract more audiences.

Furthermore, KPop idols are usually groups rather than individual artist. Of course there are individual Korean artist but say, 90% of KPop, consist of groups idols. Could it be because it's more viable, efficient, interesting to focus on groups rather than individual artist? Well, I think yes. We'll talk about this later on.

So, I hope you have a brief idea of what KPop is now and what it involves.



What is JPop?

Pretty much similar concept to KPop but slightly different. JPop is Japanese Pop. The competition is awlays talked about between KPop and JPop but it seems that KPop has more fans and much more idols in the industry compare to JPop.

JPop music is mainly Pop unlike KPop which as I mentioned earlier, involves nearly every music genre out there. JPop often has it's distinct and unique melody and is not ususally similar to western music. JPop may not be as successful but definitely produces great quality groups and music too.

The differences

When you look at it, they're both Pop music however there's a difference. KPop music almost sounds similar to Western music whilst JPop seems to have it's own melody, beat that is very distinct and unique Pop music in my opinion.

JPop idols

JPop seems to focus heavily on female idol groups rather than male groups. In fact, I have never encountered more than 1 or 2 JPop male idols the only one that I can think of right away is Kat-Tun. There are many female JPop group idols perhaps because it's much more successful for the business. I am imagining it's probably because female idols can attract both genders whilst male idols usually attract females. I do not want to go deep in to the reason because I think it will stir conflicts.

Diversity in JPop or JPop?

Another difference is that JPop idol groups do not have foreign or non-japanese members whilst KPop does. For instance, in KPop you'll find 1 or 2 non Koreans such as Chinese, Vietnamese and Taiwanese in a group. This can be witnesed with female groups such as F(x), Miss A and I can't think of others at the moment. Also, the nationalities seem to mainly be Chinese and not Japanese or South Asians although some KPop companies say that they welcome any nationality. -_-' JPop never involves foreigners for some reason which I think are quite obvious such as language barrier, pronounciation, completely or slightly different to Japanese race which can cause racism so JPop prefer to be on the safe side.

These are some of the main differences I can think of at the moment.


The competition

Ooooh!!! ^^ This can be tricky but only a bit.

Open-minded vs close-minded

It's evident that both JPop and KPop do compete but honestly KPop is by far the more competetive and well successful. The reason being is probably because there more KPop fans than JPop fans. The KPop music involves more than one genre to suit any audience and the music is very similar to western music which people find to be 'cool'! Plus, KPop always want to expand the number of fans and so as I mentioned earlier have non-Korean idols so that people feel that Koreans are open and diverse. JPop on the other hand, is more focused on the music produced and the overall satisfaction rather than attraction. JPop is not as famous because it seems to target certain group of people which I believe are Japanese.


KPop promote in other countries mainly Asia such as Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philipines. On the contrary Jpop only promote in Japan so the chances that they'll become recognised by other nationalities is very very limited.

My view...

This is how I picture it, KPop aim to be Global, JPop aim to be different! JPop don't even want to be global with their music perhaps because they wouldn't want to get into a conflict with KPop since there's already tension between the two nations!

Future of KPop vs JPop

In the long run, I see KPop becoming global although somehow it is already. JPop could suddenly change and become more competetive that there'll be equal or close number of fans to KPop. Who knows, but both are competetive in their own ways!!

SM Entertainment




2-4 years training??!!!!!


Talent wise!!

Here we go!! I may be biased but I am definitely going to state my opinion backed up by evidence and personal observation.

JPop idols auditioned?

JPop idols usually don't go through as much hell to become idols compare to KPop idols!! In fact, I never heard of JPop calling for auditioning and such. It's probably much easier to become a JPop idol although you must still have decent vocal abilities!

KPop; to be or not to be!!!

Kpop idols became idols after careful consideration from their entertainment companies. Not anyone can become an idol, you must have some sort of talent to fit in. KPop idols go through auditiong which is very strict. Certain companies are more stricter and their requirments are a bit too specific. For example, SM Entertainment is another KPop company and their selection is very thourough and are tooooo picky. They seem to require Talent+looks, they however, will transform the idols they pick after or during their debut which makes me think that they shouldn't be picky if they will change the idols' appearance through make-up and well, plastic surgery! However, I do realise that nearly every idol from SM Entertainment boasts with some kind of talent be it singing, dancing or both!

What KPop idols went through before their debut

Well, it shocked me that after the company selects the successful candidates after their audition, those individuals will ideally be put into a group of 4,5, 6,10 and maybe 13! They then will have to train for a minimum of 2 years together before they can debut and become idols!! Some took 4 years to train before they debuted!! It sounds crazy to me that it could take them 2-4 years to train, I mean what are they training? Their vocals? Well, that shouldn't take long! Their dancing abilities? still, wouldn't take such a long time!! There are even sad stories about some who trained for 2-4 years but didn't debut which is upsetting and very devastating considering the fact that they worked hard and were very close to achieving their dream of becoming idols but it just didn't happen for them. I don't know what the exact reason is but it could be due to certain consequences, maybe? Who knows!!

Dreams do come true..!!!

Can you imagine how these KPop idols feel now that they're idols and very popular? As people say, "hard work pays off" eventually!! I agree! It must feel amazing after all the suffering because most of them weren't of rich families and struggled with living expenses and travelling to Seoul if they lived in a different city/town. I sometimes wonder why they must go through all of this in order to become singers? I don't disagree with concept but I still feel 2-4 years is a lot! 0_0 Don't you think?

SHINee debut song: Replay

Photo of ONEW; member of SHINee


JPop female group, Morning Musume :)

KPop female group Miss A: Breathe

KPop Female Group, F(x): Electric Shock

My prefrence/s

Hmmmm....don't hate me okay? I, like everyone else, have preferences especially for music. ;)

My favourite is KPop however I wouldn't really call myself a 'KPoper' because I am only a fan of certain group/s not the entire KPop groups or artists!!! I prefer idols who sing meaningful songs with a great message. I do not fancy ballad or slow music I prefer the Hip Hop/Pop type of music. I tend to get really bored with slow/ballad music! xO Also, I prefer the Hip Hop/Pop music because I love the choreographies and how the music sounds!! xD

My favourite KPop group?

I first discovered SHINee; a male group of 5 amazingly talented and handsome Koreans!! :P I love them because they have talent, looks and their personalities are beautiful; they range from funny, caring, kind, polite and honest and are very close; the BROMANCE is unbelievably flattering!! *_* Their songs are meaningful and their vocals are very distinctive and unique. Of course I have a bias and his name is ONEW!! A bias means a member of a group that you fancy the most. Some have many biases from multiple groups but it's unusual to have 2 baises from the same group because you'll always love one more than the other!! Also, some do not have a bias at all because they love all the members equally...pssss *whispers* "I don't believe that!!" I will attach a link about SHINee!! :D

What about JPop?

I love JPop too but I don't have a specific group that I like but Kat-Tun are cool it's just they're not active anymore! :( There are some female JPop groups which I like to groove to but I am not their fan because....I prefer Male!! I love men in general and love their vocals and choreographies. I have nothing against female idols but it's just not fit for me!!

Female idols..yes or no?

There are a couple of female KPop groups which I kinda like such as F(x) and Miss A! The main reason is because they do not overload you with the 'cuteness' which annoys me!! I like to listen to their music because they are not toooooo girly and their voices are not squeaky (if that makes sense) and their songs are very cool!! ^^


Overall, I would have to say that KPop would be my preference only because SHINee are part of it!! I love the fact that SHINee sing in Japanese too!! I love their Japanese versions because I just adore the Japanese language!!

My treat!! ^^ SHINee-Sherlock MV!


Well, I hope I gave you a clear image and idea of what KPop and JPop are, what they involve, the idols, my obervations, the main differences and my preferences!! Everything I shared here are my of my own and not facts, well some are facts but I don't claim to know everything it's just my very own expereince and opinions.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my article and I hope you enjoyed it!! :)

Attached a SHINee song called Sherlock because I am so happy they won the Best Male Dance Performance award @ MAMA 2012 Asian music award ceremony for this choreography!! SHINee fighting!! <333

Which of those 2 are you a fan of?

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    • profile image

      LOLBOB54321 7 months ago

      You guys are all Japanese so you guys are just taking side of your country. It is obvious that Kpop is more popular because it is better.

    • profile image

      z9 2 years ago

      me toooo i looove onew $-$

    • profile image

      nihon-no-tamashi 3 years ago

      oh pleaaaaase give me a break ok =__=

      there's nothing more than ORIGINAL and i support everything ORIGINAL and i mean by that JPOP of course : the ORIGINALITY , the ART , the CREATIVITY , the FUN !

      i have nothing more to add because i said at least 4 criterias that define something real , so this should fit , and let's don't talk about a *FAKE* thing and try to compare it with an *ORIGINAL THING* right ?

    • profile image

      Kokito 3 years ago

      Kpop scream idols

      While Jpop no at all, in Jpop there's diversity as you can't imagine.

      There's rock pop, baroque pop, and a bunch of things more.

      If people is going to compare both I think would be useful to make a deep research about Jpop! Because people tend to be ignorant towards it.

    • profile image

      pierreanime 3 years ago

      JPOP is focused more on the domestic side and they JAPAN don't really promote them since they can survive within their country. On the other hand, KPOP needs to promote more to the international scene since they can't survive with just their country. PLUS, you do realize that KPOP singers always make Japanese versions of their songs just so that they could enter the fanbase of JAPAN whereas JPOP singers never do it.

    • profile image

      Bookworm 3 years ago

      It's good to know that u r researching. I do think that jpop is more diverse. The Second,J Soul Brother and Exile have black guys. And Generation from Exile Tribe have a blasian and Hispanic member as well. I still like kpop but they need more time to get where jpop is already at.

    • Susu_RM profile image

      Suzy 4 years ago from London

      Ah, I haven't really heard of them. I will definitely check them out. Really interesting to know that JPop is becoming diverse. Thank you for letting me know about this. =)

    • Susu_RM profile image

      Suzy 4 years ago from London

      There was no need to use foul language. I do understand what you mean. I apologise for the inconvenience. I should've done some in depth research but I didn't and I own up to it.

    • Susu_RM profile image

      Suzy 4 years ago from London

      I do understand your frustration and I do apologise for not making enough research before hand.

    • profile image

      FYI 4 years ago

      Jpop does have an abundant of hapas/hafas and non foreign artists and talents than Kpop. Do research than spout bullshit.

    • profile image

      Anon 4 years ago

      While I respect your opinion on preferring K-pop over J-pop, please actually do your research on J-pop before making certain claims such as that japanese idol agencies don't have auditions/it's easy to become a j-pop idol.

    • profile image

      whateves 4 years ago

      Have you not heard of The Second from the Exile Tribe? There is a black guy in it, which makes J-pop pretty diverse to me. In addition, there is Crystal Kay who is also mixed, and a Filipino/Japanese female singer in Dream. To me that SCREAMS diverse.

    • profile image

      @@ 4 years ago

      Actually j pop includes all different types of music such as jazz, rock. The word pop means popular u can refer to wiki and detail of j pop meaning can be found

    • profile image

      astramentis 4 years ago

      I hate both

    • profile image

      sakuno 4 years ago

      Have you even heard of Johnnys, in case you didn't it is a Japanese talent agency that produces male bands and had actually produced kat tun, kids at the age of 11 or 12 audition to the agency and start training for years and they may or my not debut , they have very famous groups like Arashi and SMAP.

      so please check what jpop has to offer before you make such comparison

    • profile image

      maxi 5 years ago

      for me k pop is better than j pop


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