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Kagerou Project Song List

Updated on March 8, 2017
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From left to right: Kido, Kano, Seto, Shintaro, Momo, Mary, Hibiya, Ene
From left to right: Kido, Kano, Seto, Shintaro, Momo, Mary, Hibiya, Ene | Source

Let Me Introduce You The List of Kagerou Project Songs and Music Videos

If you still haven't heard of the Kagerou Project by now, then you might have been living under a rock or something. But, since you're on this page right now, chances do know something about this stellar franchise (which is rising inconceivably in popularity)

Kagerou Project is a Vocaloid music series created by Shinzen P-Teki (Jin). It exists in many forms of multi-media including music, songs, video clips, manga, light novels, and anime. It's all thanks to the popular series it yielded where the story revolved around a fateful summer day where the children of the Heat Haze or more popularly known as the Mekakushi Dan (Blindfold Gang) gains mysterious powers from the unknown foundations of the world. In order to get to the root of the mystery, the group uses their powers to figure out what really is happening to the them and the world around them.

Right here on this hub, I shall list down most, if not all of the Kagerou Project songs and music videos in existence for a grand collection definitely suited for your viewing pleasure. This is gonna be a collective haven for all the KagePro music out there.


Children Record

Children Record is the opening introductory video of the Kagerou Project music series, and is the start of it all. Here, we get to see each and every major character of the series introduced, which includes; Shintaro, Ene, Momo, Seto, Kido, Kano, Mary, Hibiya, Hiyori, Konoha, Ayano, Kuroha, Kenjirou, Shion, and Azami. This is the beginning of a superbly long and seemingly everlasting summer day where several different ideals meet as one.

Artificial Enemy (Jinzou Enemy)

Artifial Enemy (Jinzou Enemy) is the story about turning away your eyes.

Ene is a mysterious character living in the cyberworld of Shintaro's computer. Everyday, she pesters Shintaro trying to make him open his eyes to reality and stop dwelling in the miserable past.

As this follows the route XX of the series, the end shows Shintaro getting fed-up of even being a shut-in resulting in home shutting Ene's program and taking his life as well out of unbearable pain and misery. Thus, the story's message holds about turning the eyes away from reality and living in the shadows of despair.

Blindfold Code

Blindfold Code (Mekakushi Code) is the story about hiding your eyes.

Mekakushi Dan or Blindfold Gang is a group lead by the charismatic Kido Tsubomi. Kido possesses the eye power of turning herself and her surroundings unnoticeable to the human eye. Her goal as well as the whole of her group is to gather all the eye power-users and solve the mystery of their powers through missions and investigations.

Kido's eye power might possess the essential effects of hiding, but it also would be the clue to unveil all the other members from their hiding spot. This makes her the most suitable leader of the group.

Headphone Actor

Headphone Actor is the story about doubting your eyes.

Takane Enomoto once had a dream - a dream that the world is ending! From the television, she sees the president announcing the end of the world. From her headphones, she hears a voice asking her if she wants to survive. Not knowing what to do, Takane follows the instructions of the voice from her headphones.

This leads her to cross the hills and into a structure. There, she sees a bunch of scientists congratulating her simultaneously with the destruction of the city. It's all like a game and it seems she's been living inside in a box. Hence, the doubt in her eyes.

Transparent Answer

Transparent Answer (Toumei Answer) is the story about averting one's eyes.

Shintaro was always good at school while Ayano...not so. Ayano seems to be friendly with everyone especially to Shintaro, but Shintaro doesn't seem to have a care in the world.

One day, Shintaro finds Ayano crying in school, but not knowing what to do and being indifferent, he simply shrugs it off. The next day, with reasons unknown, he learns of the news that Ayano committed suicide.

And thus, it was the start of his eye's aversion to reality.

Kisaragi Attention (February Attention)

Kisaragi Attention (February Attention) is the story where all eyes are on you.

Momo Kisaragi is an ultra-popular idol. She is idolized by many and for some reason, everyone just can't help but notice her.

At first she didn't know why all eyes were on her, but later on, it was revealed that it was all because of her idol qualities combined with the power of her captivating eyes (a power that she couldn't control at will).

With unknown powers wreaking havoc to her usual life, she flees from the crowd and is found by Kido, the leader of Mekakushi Dan. She is then recruited on the spot and gets a chance to learn how to control powers from the people with the same situation as her.

Heat-Haze Days (Kagerou Days)

Kagerou Days (Heat-Haze Days) is the story about overwhelming your eyes.

On August 15, a peculiar accident befell two unfortunate children, Hibiya and Hiyoyi. Both kids were just in the city to enjoy summer, but unknown to them, it would be the summer of their seemingly endless tragedy.

Hibiya and Hiyori were trapped in the Heat Haze's time-loop, where one of them dies in an endless cycle. No matter what Hibiya does, Hiyori ends up dying again-and-again.

But one day, Hibiya found an unexpected solution by taking Hiyori's place in the certain death. But then, it just continues on...and on...and on - with the overwhelming scenario happening repeatedly before their very eyes!

Moon-Viewing Recital (Otsukumi Recital)

Moon-Viewing Recital (Otsukumi Recital) is the story about brightening your eyes.

This takes place after Hibiya was saved as the sole-survivor from the heat haze that and Hiyori underwent. Having been left as the only one who was saved, Hibiya felt devastated by his ill-gotten fate. As such, Momo comes to the rescue to cheer him up!

Momo tries everything to cheer him up, but no matter what she does, Hibiya seems to remember the tragedy that happened to him and Hiyori. With that, in a call of desperation and utmost concern, Momo goes all-out with her power to give Hibiya the strength he needs to live on.

And, it was a success (even leaving her fully exhausted). It was all worth it since Hibiya came back to his senses and hope, and finally, give everything a shot once again.

Shounen Brave

Shounen Brave is the story about stealing your eyes.

Seto is a boy with the ability to read minds (eye-stealing power). As a result of having such ability, he can clearly hear the true voices of every living creature. But, having the ability isn't as easy as it may seem, especially when people starts to see him as a monster.

The only friend Seto had truly ever had was a lone dog. Everything was going well but soon, a tragedy will happen. After being bullied by humans, the dog was thrown into the river. Desperate to save his only friend, Seto jumps to the river only to meet his untimely demise. After this event, he gained the ability to steal eyes (read minds).

Next, while trying to escape from the judgemental eyes of people, Seto finds sanctuary in the forest. There, he hears a voice of a girl who's secluded and excited to see the world.

Imagination Forest

Imagination Forest is the story about seeing eye-to-eye.

Marry and her mother Shion have always lived in solitude in their forest home. With Shion always reminding Marry not to go out and meet eye-to-eye with any human, her imagination about the world grew larger and larger.

One day, Marry went outside out of curiosity. But then, something bad happened. She was kidnapped by people who sees her as the monster who lives in the forest. Luckily, Shion came just in time to save her, but in exchange, her life was forfeited.

Now, Marry lives all alone until one day, a boy knocks on the door. It was Seto, and it marked the start of her adventure in the world.

Konoha's State of the World

Konoha's State of the World is the story about awakening one's eyes.

Konoha is a boy who seems very oblivious to the world. In some kind of experiment, he loss his body in exchange for an ideal he wished with the whole of his heart. And thus, he awakened his own eyes.

Throughout the song, Konoha seems to be trying to save Hibaya and Hiyori from the Heat Haze. And then finally, he manages to save one - Hibiya. But until now, no ones sure what state the world is in Konoha's own eyes.

Night Tales Deceive (Yobanashi Deceive)

Ayano's Happiness Theory

Night Tales Deceive (Yobanashi Deceive) is the story about deceiving one's eyes.

This is the story of Kano, the boy who possesses the Deceiving Eyes. With the Deceiving Eyes, Kano can change what people around him sees, but only limited to himself. As a result, he lives his life wearing various kinds of masks to hide his true self. Afterall, deceit is his number 1 defining facet.

Sunset Yesterday (Yuukei Yesterday)

Sunset Yesterday (Yuukei Yesterday) is the story about glaring eyes.

Takane and Haruka are the most unlikely of pairs. They're the special students with a special class of their own. Their both inside their own worlds but, circumstances calls for them to be the best of friends.

As their feelings for each other grows and blossoms, they spent their high school life in bliss. But unknown to them, they would later become a part of a twisted experiment.

Outer Science

Ayano's Theory of Happiness is the story about rising eyes.

This is the story of Ayano's past and her strong resolve. She is seen as the older sister of Kano, Kido, and Seto. Throughout their happy days, they lived in bliss trying to forget their own misfortunes. Red isn't something to be feared as it's the color of the hero, Ayano always says.

One day, Ayano finds out the truth behind the miserable past and future of her friends. So, she steps up to fight destiny and save everyone from the harsh world that the Heat Haze brought upon them.

Lost Time Memory

Lost Time Memory is the story about repeating regret.

This is the story of Shintaro's repeating regret. All his life after the tragedy with Ayano, Shintaro lived basically in the shadows of his past. Having no clue on what truly is happening, he tries to conceal himself from the insufferable reality. But then, he learns that everything is connected, and all was a preparation for him to break the cycle of misery.

In the end, Shintaro finally realizes everything and does his best to crack his former self and move on to the future.

Outer Science is the story about eyes saying as much as the mouth.

Out of all the snakes that Azami possesses, there exists one that is purely malicious. It is the snake that clears eyes and grants wishes to survive for eternity.

That snake is the great evil that's behind everything that has happened. In order to remain in the world for eternity, he grants wishes to repeat the tragedy in an endless loop. No matter what the story becomes of, he will stop at nothing just to remain in the world for his own sake.

Summer Time Record is a story about spinning eyes and is the ending song of the Kagerou Project. This song is the true ending of the series. This is where all tragedies end and a new future opens up.

After all that has happened in the timeless loop, a cliché scenario demands a cliché ending where all lives in happiness and bliss. All the major characters here unites once again to finally move on from the past and thread proudly into the future.

Summer Time Record

Summer Time Record
Summer Time Record | Source


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