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Series Review: Kaiju Big Battel

Updated on September 26, 2016


Kaiju Big Battel is a comedy show which combines the "Kaiju" or "Giant Monster Wrecking Shit" genre of Japanese movies with the drama of WWE and Mexican wrestling. Engrish, mock Japanese, and mock Spanish are common. The show is an American creation, but heavily rips on many aspects of Japanese pop culture. Mainly though, the comedy of the show is just from general absurdity, in the designs, back stories, and naming of the creatures, in the commentary, and in the fighting itself.


While it's hard I think for critics to judge comedy, since critical theory is about relating the works usually to more serious issues, I will say that Kaiju Big Battel is enjoyable. Browsing their DVD selection on their website, I'm tempted to order due to the prices, and because the Kaiju Big Battel I've seen on a DVD from the library were pretty funny. It might just be dudes in absurd costumes wrecking little imaginary cities and doing silly-looking fighting moves, but it's a lot of fun. What I really like is the commentary, where they give tearful back stories about the fighters with all the seriousness given in any sporting event, and really get you pumped about each fight. What I was wondering is, how is this exactly different from watching "real" sports?

4 stars for Kaiju Big Battel


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