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Kalyeserye: Why Many Filipinos Love Aldub?

Updated on December 14, 2015

Meet the cast of Eat Bulaga’s Kalyeserye:

  • Maine Mendoza plays the character of Yaya Dub – she is Lola Nidora’s snobbish yaya
  • Alden Richarads plays the character of Alden – he is Yaya Dub’s love interests and suitor
  • Wally Bayola plays the character of Lola Nidora – she is Yaya Dub’s boss and the main kontrabida of Kalyeserye. Wally Bayola also plays the character of DuhRizz Maine de Explorer - Lola Nidora’s grand daughter and Yaya Dub’s karibal.
  • Jose Manalo plays the character of Frankie Amoy Arenoli - he is the suitor of Yaya Dub and Alden's karibal. Jose Manalo also plays the character of Lola/Donya Tinidora Zobeyala - Lola Nidora’s another sister
  • Paolo Ballesteros plays the character of Lola/Donya Tidora Zobeyala - she is Lola Nidora’s sister
  • Mark Elardo McMahon plays the character of Dr. Tan-ning - he is Lola Nidora’s personal doctor
  • The Rogelios – Rogelio, Rogelio and Rogelio. They are Lola Nidora’s bodyguards.
  • The Bernardos – Bernardo, Bernardo and Bernardo. They are Lola Tidora’s handsome version of the Rogelios
  • The Quandos trio – They play as Lola Tinidora’s skinny bodyguards

6. Because of Aldub, viewers now believe that forever really exist!

“Walang forever!” - FOREVER?! No it doesn't exist and will never exist!

Seven words that some of Filipino internet users never believe! When a couple broke up, it will follow a comment from friends that there is no forever. Even when the Pinoy teleserye “Forevermore” ended (an ABS-CBN teleserye that stars Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano), some fans post status on their social media’s that there is no forever!

But when Aldub became known in the Philippines, fans of them say that there is forever on Aldub! With one of their dubsmash, “Naniniwala na ako sa forever!” (I now believe in forever!) fans giggle whenever they saw Aldub live or even recorded one which are posted on social medias and youtube.

But what really makes Filipino fans believe that there is forever in Aldub? Well, it’s because of their similarities! Both Yaya Dub and Alden love to travel. They always keep their feet on the ground despite their popularity. They give time for their loved ones. They both love animals. They are the new OOTD inspiration. And lastly Yaya Dub and Alden are both single!

5. Aldub is the epitome of long distance relationship!

Some people believe that it’s really hard to be in a long distance relationship while other people says that trust makes LDR works and strong. Well, couples who are in this kind of relationship can give us some tips on how their relationships work although we can research on the internet for some tips, the do’s and don’ts.

But watching Kalyeserye will not only fill your emotions but will also give you some tips about LDR. For those who don’t know, Yaya Dub and Alden never met in personal since the first day that their loveteam was created. Yes! They first communicate live (dubsmash only). And it takes months when they first communicate on social medias’! And many more months when they first meet in personal! But with that many (many more months) that they haven’t seen each other personally, their loveteam became stronger. One thing that makes them stronger is the trust they have for each other.

4. Kalyeserye is packed with romance and comedy! I bet you feel kilig whenever you see Yaya Dub and Alden on screen!

Who would have thought that there is a noontime show with a kalyeserye that will make you giggles while watching them on television! Honestly, I don’t know anything about Aldub because I rarely watch Filipino tv shows and I was also busy on my internship on radio at that time! It was my friends who introduced me on Aldub!

We only watch clips on facebook and youtube! And the first time I watched Aldub, I felt kilig! There is something with Aldub that I can’t explain. Then I became one of Aldub’s fan! Because of Aldub, not only forever exist but also true love exist. If I feel alone and sad, I search for Aldub’s “Kalyeserye” on youtube then watch it. They removed all pains and worries inside me. They make me feel in love again! Aldub completes me!

3. Kalyeserye has a good kontrabida portrayal! Lola Nidora is the best!

I would like to congratulate Wally Bayola for being the best and effective kontrabida on Philippine television. He’s not only a comedian but also a great actor that whenever he changes his role from Lola Nidora to Babalu, viewers can help but laugh at him.

2. Aldub has chemistry! They also look good together as Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards!

Chemistry between two people is the most important factor for success. And that’s what makes Aldub successful on Philippine television. They don’t need any script that will makes their loveteam last because even without script they are a perfect couple.

Even in real life they look good together! Their chemistry is undeniable! Hopefully, Aldub will be lifetime! I know you are also waiting for good news about Aldub!

1.Aldub portrays Filipino moral values!

What makes Aldub lovable and very popular today is because they are portraying Filipino moral values. Viewers will surely laugh and laugh but at the end of every episodes they’ve learn many lessons. Haters will hate them but viewers can’t deny the fact that Kalyeserye is promoting Filipino values. Just like I’ve said before, one of the factors that I love about Aldub is their trust to each other. Aside from that, they also show how to respect older people. As shown, even Yaya Dub and Alden love each other they never fails Lola Nidora.

The best about Aldub is that promoting the Filipino way of courting. In every episode, you will see how Alden serves Yaya Dub and her family. Alden asks Lola Nidora first before asking Yaya Dub for a date. The role of Yaya Dub also shows a Filipina who is very shy and secretive about her feelings towards her suitor. Alden on the other hand shows the true Filipino gentleman.


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