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神のみぞ知るセカイ (The World God Only Knows)

Updated on November 29, 2012

The God of Conquest Start!

The God of Conquest, super addicted gamer. A unique story plot of mixing gamer with characters from Hell. Like they always said, apply what you learn. Keima displayed his skills of conquering female game characters in real life. An anime of showing you how to win the hearts of girls. Playing lots of different games at the same time. The World God Only Knows is sure to make you laugh with their wacky characters.

Game Start!

"That makes ten thousand heroines conquered." An avid galge player, Keima Katsuragi, he is only attracted to girls in the games. In school, he is known as an Otamegane which is the combination of otaku and megane. His eyes never seem to leave his pfp, not even his teachers could do anything about him. Even though he kept on playing games, his results maintain as the best in class. Thus the teachers couldn't ban him from playing due to poor result. In the game world, he is known as the God of Conquests.

One day, he received a message on his pfp which sounds like a challenge to him. He accepted the challenge, little did he know the consequences that comes after it. He supposedly signed a contract with a demon named Elucia de Lut Ima or Elci. She is a member of Loose Souls team, their mission is to round up the loose soul which reside in human's heart. To do that, the demons require the assistance of a human "buddy" to replace the loose soul in the victim's heart. This also mean that Keima Katsuragi have to make the victim fall in love with him and kiss him in order for Elci to capture the loose souls.

A collar was hanged on his neck as a sign of contract. If he failed to capture the loose soul, he might get his head cut off by the higher authority of Hell. Elci and Keima were bound by the contact, if Keima dies, Elci will die along with him. Upon hearing that Keima started to aid Elci in the conquest of conquering girls from the human world. He apply the tactics that he acquired over the years playing games on the victims. Upon falling in love and kissed, the loose soul will be chase out. Elci proceed to capture the soul and keep it in the bottle. After the incident is over, the victim will lose all memory of the conquest.

The World God Only Knows Anime Fabric Wall Scroll Poster

Keima Katsuragi

Keima, the otamegane, genius yet an introvert. He is forever found holding his pfp in the anime. He agreed to help Elsie, thinking that the amount of loose souls that are roaming around does not come up to a huge amount. It was only till later when Elsie trult informed him that there are about 60000 loose soul roaming free. Keima was very much against the idea of catching loose soul. It prevents him from spending more time with his games. Everytime, Keima encountered a new victim, he will match the characteristic to the games that he play. Since he is the god of conquest, he have seen almost all kinds of girls in the games. To Keima, girls in the games are flawless. He could not tolerate girls in real life who isn't perfect at all.

Talking About Keima Katsuragi

I really love the way Keima conquered the girls in the anime. As an audience of the show, I really wanted to be conquered by Keima. Perhaps he didn't have a real conversation with real human girls before. Which explains why he blushes just by touching a girl's hand. It reflects a cute side of Keima which could never be seen before if Elsie didn't appear in front of him. Overall, I love Keima's character in the show which makes me want to watch it more.

Elucia de Lut Ima

A muddle-head demon who is clumsy and easily distracted. Being in charge of cleaning up all her life. Elsie is excited to take on the mission of catching loose soul. Her way of thinking is certainly unique. In order to stay with Keima, she came up with a fake letter stating that she is the illegitimate daughter of their father. In order to pass the criteria of being sibling, she tried cooking and cleaning the house. However, she makes things worse by destroying the house due to her magic broom. Keima was down with food poisoning after eating the meals that she prepared. In terms of bring a demon, she have much to learn. Despite being a 300 years old demon, she is childish at times. She fell in love with fire trucks and were amazed to see it in real life. She make a lot of friends in her class, which includes some of the girls whose hearts were captured by Keima. She even formed a rock band with some of her friends, taking on the role of bassist.

Talking about Elucia de Lut Ima

How can anyone not love this character. She is so funny when she tried her best in everything! I love her jolly nature and the way she is about to fall in love with Keima whenever he use her as a practise tool. The way she tried to understand why Keima love playing games is interesting. The scene whereby she had her first try in purchasing a game for Keima cracks me up. Even though she did not really succeeded in buying the correct game, Keima forgave her as she did apply whatever that he taught her.

Keima and Elsie Cosplay

Keima and Elsie Cosplay
Keima and Elsie Cosplay

Mari Katsuragi

Definitely not the usual mum that you normally encounter. Mari Katsuragi was once a member of motorcycle gang. Despite his gentle appearance she can be your worst nightmare if you agitate her. She owns a cafe of her own and her only child, Keima. Thus when she heard that Elsie is her husband's illegitimate daughter, she displayed her true personality. Most of the time, her hair is tied into a bun and wore a pair of spectacles. When she is angry, she will let her hair down and took out her spectacles. She could be the most understanding mother in the anime, she has high tolerance of Keima playing game all day. She took great care of Elsie and treat her as her own child.

Talking about Mari Katsuragi

The most awesome character in the anime, i love it when she is agitated. She will ride on her bike and travel away from the cafe. Even though she doesn't appear much in the anime. Her every appearance makes an impact on the viewers. I tend to have a deep impression of her due to the way she behaves. She might be a mother yet she is able to mingle well with her children.

Mari Katsuragi Cosplay

It's a pity but up till now no one has ever cosplay this character :/

Ayumi Takahara

An athletic, cheerful girl who is in the same class as Keima. She is also a member of the school's track and field team. Most of the time, Keima is paired up with her for cleaning duty. Keima ended up to be the only one doing the cleaning duty as Ayumi oftern forgotten about it due to absentmindedness. In the anime, she is not able to control the speed when she is running. She once ran into Keima making him angry. Without any doubt, Ayumi is Keima's first conquest. Ayumi was to participate in an upcoming tournament. Keima tries to attract her attention by showing his support. Placing banners, shouting cheers. Ayumi was embarrassed in the first place, but gradually ignored as time goes on. Due to the confrontation of her seniors, she started losing confidence. She attempt to fake an injury to avoid joining the tournament. Keima was able to figure out and console her. His words make Ayumi fall in love with him and kisses him. The loose soul was forced out of her body and captured by Elsie.

Talking about Ayumi Takahara

The character can be reflected in real life. A lot of peer pressure can be found in this kind of situation whereby the seniors will confront the juniors. The show serve as a advice to people who are facing similar situation. Even though Keima might not be there to capture the loose soul in them. They should not give up just like that, they should live for themselves not for others.

Ayumi Takahara Cosplay

Ayumi Takahara Cosplay
Ayumi Takahara Cosplay

Mio Aoyama

Studying in the same school as Keima, she was a once a rich girl from the Aoyama family. The students in the academy know that she is very rich and proud and tend to stay clear of her. She is Keima's second conquest. Keima classified her under the Tsundere characteristic according to his gaming experiences. Keima was confident of winning her heart up to the point he confessed directly to her. End up he was rejected and was attacked by the chauffeur. Keima and Elsie decided to follow her home to know more about her. They came to know that Mio's family fortune has fallen after her father die.

Mio refused to accept the fact and keep on with the life that she have been living on. Keima make use of the secret and started to get close to her by offering to be her chauffeur. Everyday, Elsie will use her railment to make different design of rickshaws to send Mio to school. The cycle continues on and Mio was slowly touched by Keima's actions. Keima's last act was to take Mio to a party for the rich. He confronted her about the fact of her refusal to accept her father's death. Keima convinced Mio to accept the past and move on. He believe is what her father wanted her to do most. Mio realized that there are people who truly cares for her even though her father is no longer alive. She fall in love with Keima and the loose soul was forced out of her body. Elsie proceeded to capture the soul.

Talking about Mio Aoyama

I love how the character was built. It is funny to watch how she interact with her previous chauffeur,Morita. I love how Elsie was able to come up with different designs of rickshaws which is heavier by the day. Keima's expression when he saw the train-like rickshaw definitely makes the audience laugh. The fact that Mio was finally able to face up to reality is a reflect of life.

Mio Aoyama Cosplay

Mio Aoyama Cosplay
Mio Aoyama Cosplay

Kanon Nakagawa

An well-known singer that everybody loves. At the age of 16, she is already a teen idol. She joined Majima Academy and ended up to be Keima's classmate. Suffering from Histrionic personality disorder, Kanon tried very hard to sought attention to be acknowledged. She was once in an pop idol group Citron with Lime and Yuri. Yet when Kanon's popularity started increase when she went solo, Citron was disbanded. Kanon was Keima's third conquest. They first met on the rooftop, Kanon was talking to herself not realising the existence of Keima. When Kanon approached her, she is shocked that Keima do not recognise her. She tazes Keima and bent on making Keima acknowledge her existence.

Kanon tries to force Keima to attend private performances to make him a fan of hers. At first, Keima thought it will be wise to ignore her in order to know her problem. Yet when he started to see her turning invisible due to the power of the Weiss. Keima changes his tactic and started to support and encourage her. Kanon was slowly encouraged by his words when she become invisible before her concert and kiss Keima. The loose soul was forced out and captured by Elsie. Kanon become more confident of herself and got along well with her former bandmates.

Talking about Kanon Nakagawa

The songs that she sang in the anime makes me completely like her character. Even though i like the way she rely on Keima in order to feel more confident of herself. The number of times she contact him is way too much. No wonder Keima was super tired at the end.

Kanon Nakagawa Cosplay

Kanon Nakagawa Cosplay
Kanon Nakagawa Cosplay

Shiori Shiomiya

The school librarian of Majima Academy Library and the secretary of Majima Academy Library Committee. Her love for books are beyond expectations. She spend all her time reading all the books in the library. She is very shy and kept her opinion all to herself as much as she wanted to voice it out. Shiori was Keima's fourth conquest. The Library Committee have a meeting on getting a media room, which also means clearing up some of the old books to make space for the room. Shiori objects to the idea and yet she is unable to express what she feels. Keima was able to listen to her inner voice and tried to annoy her to find out more about her. Shiori started to say out her inner voice without knowing. On the day where the committee went to clear out the old books for the media room, Shiori started her plans of protesting. She locked herself in the library preventing the library committee to enter. Keima managed to enter by making a hole in the library's roof. By talking with Shiori, she felt that Keima was the only one who understands her. Keima managed to chase the loose soul out of her body by giving her courage.

Talking about Shiori Shiomiya

A soft-spoken girl living in her own world. I love this character who wanted to express her opinion out so much. My favourite part of her in the anime was when she was trying to speak up to Keima. Instead of saying what she wanted, she blurt out 'Idiot" which made her blush immediately. I love how confident she was after her emptiness was filled by Keima.

Shiori Shiomiya Cosplay

Shiori Shiomiya Cosplay
Shiori Shiomiya Cosplay

Loose soul captured...!!!

A sneak preview of season 2 characters
A sneak preview of season 2 characters

Which characters would best represents what you wanted?

See results

Is this the end?

NO! The World God Only Knows have 2nd season which will continue Keima's conquests of capturing loose souls. Beside that a new concept of the godness will be explained and shown in the second season. Old characters might be back and new characters are definitely added in. Viewers who have enjoyed season 1 up to this point shouldn't give it a miss.

Aren't you envious?

Given a chance, would you accept such a mission just like Keima Katsuragi?

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