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Kanye West Gives Emotional Apology On Jay Leno

Updated on April 9, 2010

What Would His Mom Say???

The little baby finally decided to apologize. Kanye West was very emotional on Jay Leno Monday September 14th 2009 as he apologized on live t.v. for the Taylor Swift incident at the 2009 MTV VMA's. He seemed very upset about the whole incident but I still think that he is not sorry.

He needs to control his mouth because these outburst are gonna be his downfall in his very lucrative career. Right now I do not know how I feel about him but I do know that I will not be a fan ever again. I do not care how many times he apologizes. Taylor Swift is very talented and she deserves some respect. Why is he picking on a 19 year old sweet young lady. Why not snatch the mic from Jay Z or Lil Wayne??? Because he would get the mess knocked out of his ass.

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    • profile image

      Unknown 5 years ago

      Kanye west is talented and all but that was messed up he said sorry Let it go move on LEARN from our mistakes humans aren't perfect

    • Pete Sardino profile image

      Pete Sardino 7 years ago from Off Piste

      Thanks for documenting this event, here's a 'useful' for you.

      I'm looking to see if you have some more recent thoughts on it. My Haitian friend has spent at least ten hours in the past two months looking deeper into this subject, and partly because he was a big fan of this guy and of Beyonce, but the incident helped big time to change his point of view. "Was" a big fan.