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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Updated on July 4, 2012

Kanye and Kim


Kanye and Kim K.

A train wreck waiting to happen. Kanye West is having a man clock moment and he’s about to do something extremely foolish. What is a man clock moment? It’s when men’s friends start settling down, getting married, and having children and for the first time a man realizes there’s something missing from his life. At that moment men start making decisions to grab someone in an attempt to experience the moments they have yet to experience: marriage and fatherhood.

I give Kanye West credit for settling down a little bit and reducing the crazy antics. He’s settling his mind in order to take on the responsibility of marriage and fatherhood. Settling your mind is calming down, not free falling off the edge of a building, not participating in activities that risk your life or drinking till you throw up, etc. With his mom passing years ago, I am aware there is a void in his life that a family would help heal.

The B.E.T. couples picture says it all. You see Kim K. posing for a picture (uninvolved) enjoying the lime light, Kanye happy beyond belief (oblivious to his date’s intentions), Jay joking around, and Beyonce leans in to determine what's so funny. The body language on the picture is clear.

Kim K. does not seem to show love to Kanye like she’s into him. A picture is worth a thousand words and if you look at the couples’ picture next to Jay and Beyonce you can visually see a difference in terms of interest, friendship, and love. Kim is notorious from jumping from man to man looking for love and anyone who invests time and love into a committed relationship doesn’t often hop on the next thing smoking a.s.a.p. all the time. When someone jumps from person to person they are incapable of commitment or deep love in any way because people are disposable in their lives.

***Kim K. does not display a personality and it is difficult to determine who she really is and that’s a big RED DANGER sign. If you can’t display who you are, then you rob others of the ability to determine if you are compatible with their needs and you prove to be someone not truth worthy. Men often make the mistake of dealing with this type of woman only to find out, usually when they take half their fortune or get outrageous child support money, that the person presented to them is nothing close to who that person really is.

While watching the B.E.T. awards you saw Beyonce dance to the music, sing along to songs, and joke with her husband. They have a friendship and too many people try and have relationships without being friends. If you consider marriages that last like Barack and Michelle Obama, Will and Jada Smith, Ozzie and Sharon Osborne, Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, and John Travolta and Kelly Preston; you will notice genuine people, loyalty, and true friendship.

*Kim K. is also not the type of woman that you want to include in your marriage circle. For a young married woman; Kim K. should not be your running buddy. While I understand that Kim K. is Beyonce’s husband’s friend’s new girl, I would stick to double dates and only common social event engagements but hanging out as buddies-no way. I’m going to have to go old-school regarding this advice: mothers would advise there are certain types of women you do not hang around as a married woman. Those types of women include women that bed hop 24-7, relationship switch 24-7, unreadable, deceitful, and those who display disingenuous behavior. Look at the way the two women are dressed for the B.E.T. awards ceremony: Beyonce is dressed fashionably and sexy but tasteful. Kim K. is dressed skin tight with back out to the top of her lumps; alluring and a little too much.


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    • realtalk247 profile image

      realtalk247 5 years ago

      The Kris Humphries marriage was all wrong. In my opinion she tried to do what Khloe did with a quick marriage but Khloe and Lamar are in love and they have the ability to make it long term (or at least I hope). Love Lamar and Khloe! They are a healthy couple and I love their interaction because you see the REAL them and they are comfortable with each other.

      Kim won't just take time to be Kim and figure out what's going on with her life and process the mistakes that have happened with her choices in love and marriage partners. While Kim has more in common with Kanye than Kris, Kanye is a loose cannon trying to calm down. Kanye is starting to settle down because you can tell he likes what Jay-Z has. Jay-Z has a beautiful, intelligent, fun, sweet, sincere, and accomplished woman such as Beyonce with a little bundle of joy-Blue Ivy. So he's doing what men do. They start thinking about settling down and he needs someone to live for besides himself since his mother has passed so long ago. Kim as usual is just looking for someone to be with but in all this time their friendship has not gone to another level and that's usually for a reason.

      When I watch Kim K. I can't get a real "feel" for who she and I think it's more then the camera persona. I know she's quiet and doesn't say much and it's hard to know who Kim is behind posing for the cameras. She strikes me as an agenda woman who could be just capitalizing on who's hot now. (We'll see if suddenly she's singing, rapping, or doing pop songs all of a sudden.) That's why I posted the difference between Kim and Beyonce. There is something real and genuine about Beyonce and her affection and interaction with her husband. There is something fake about the interaction between Kanye and Kim. Some say it's a publicity stunt, some say it's real, but it seems like two broken people trying to convince themselves that they are whole as individuals and prepared to enter into a relationship. The best relationships are reserved for those who know who they are, are free to choose their mates rather than running to anyone to avoid being alone, and are settled in their minds over time which is necessary to make a relationship work.

    • profile image

      Grand Old Lady 5 years ago

      I started watching the Kardashians because of my daughter. I felt the marriage with Kris Humphries was all wrong. But according to my daughter, the match with Kanye might be better because they both like fashion, the night life, clubbing, etc. And as they both seem to want to settle down, if they do so together, their common interests might pull them through -- for how long, I don't know. But at least, they would have more in common that the Kim and Humphries marriage had. What do you think?

    • lezsaysit profile image

      lezsaysit 5 years ago from New York, NY

      I appreciate your assessment of the different interactions and body language of the IT couples at BET awards show. I watched it as well. Kim and Kanye, I'm gonna stay tuned on this one. Thanks for bringing it to Hub.