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Kaori Matsumura Japanese Idol Singer & Member of Girl Group Ske48

Updated on July 15, 2020
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Another Japanese Idol Singer That Deserves Coverage: Kaori Matsumura

After you have read about and discovered the life and career of Japanese idol singer Haruna Kinoshita, another Japanese idol singer deserves coverage. That person is Kaori Matsumura of the girl group SKE48.

Photos of Kaori Matsumura From Her First Photo Book Mushusei

Is Kaori Matsumura getting ready for Valentine's Day in this photo? It sure seems like it.
Is Kaori Matsumura getting ready for Valentine's Day in this photo? It sure seems like it.

Kaori Matsumura & Her Varied Hobbies

As for Kaori Matsumura, she was a member of SKE48, the same one that had the very popular Rena Matsui as a member. Since Matsumura’s hobbies are so many and varied, we will analyze them here first.

What Are Kaori Matsumura's Varied Hobbies?

Matsumura likes to cook and that’s something that former Morning Musume member Aika Mitsui plans to explore since she announced her retirement from the world of entertainment. Matsumura also likes to tour restaurants that serve ramen. Matsumura also likes to surf the Internet and training in the gym. She is also part of the technological age, giving lots of likes on Twitter. She was born in 1990 which would make sense as to why she is so involved on social media.

With Yukiko Kinoshita

SKE48 member Kaori Matsumura is pictured on the left.
SKE48 member Kaori Matsumura is pictured on the left. | Source

Interesting Facts About Kaori Matsumura of SKE48

  • On a related note, Matsumura’s favorite foods are many including sushi, ramen, yakiniku, protein supplements, egg tarts and ice cream.
  • She is really skilled at doing 320 KG of leg presses and filming videos.
  • She has been a member of several clubs during her time in SKE48 including the Art Club, Cooking Club, Driving Club and Marathon Club.
  • Her future ambition is to be a variety talent.
  • Her favorite word is Senbatsu.
  • Matsumura became the oldest member in SKE48 and as of March 2018, she became the oldest member of the 48 or the 46 group franchise.
  • On a related note, Kaori does not tell others her real age and insists that she is “forever 17 years old.”
  • Kaori decided to be what is called a “Kenkyuusei” or a training member until her promotion on March 26, 2015 being then known as a “Lifetime Honorary Kenkyuusei.”
  • Kaori for a time had a video blog on Google+ in which she interviewed other members and she was able to tape footage backstage from concerts.
  • She likes to challenge fans at handshake events to determine if they are true fans.
  • She is one of the 50 winners of the Young Jump Gravure Competition.
  • On another interesting note, Kaori Matsumura is one of three members of SKE48 to have become the DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight Champion. The other two SKE48 members to have accomplished this are Akari Suda and Yuki Arai.

Kaori Matsumura Got Injured Prior to Her Graduation from SKE48

Kaori announced her intention to graduate from SKE48 on September 15, 2018. Her birthday event was scheduled to be held on February 12, 2019 but it had been postponed because Kaori had injured her right ankle after she lost her footing on a step. Matsumura held her graduation concert at the venue called Omiya Sonic City. As to how she injured her ankle, she injured it while traveling from Tokyo to Nagoya. As of the first writing, she was not able to walk without crutches. Kaori Matsumura graduated from SKE48 in April 2019.

Kaori Matsumura Will Be Getting Married

Note: things have changed since the last writing of this article. It was recently that Matsumura announced that she will be getting married to a man that is not a celebrity. Matsumura who is now 30 made the announcement via video. In that video speech, she said that she made her marriage announcement. She also said that she plans to continue working and she encouraged fans to continue to support her. Due to the uncertainties that have been caused by the corona virus pandemic, Matsumura said that she plans to have a wedding ceremony by the end of the year if it will be possible. She announced that she would talk about this more on July 3, 2020 during a broadcast on YouTube. Matsumura graduated from SKE48 in April 2019.

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