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Karaoke On The River

Updated on September 25, 2009

Tri-Cities Area bordering 3 states

Me & Joe doing "Long Black Train" duet in a gambling casino! har!
Me & Joe doing "Long Black Train" duet in a gambling casino! har!

The Tri-Cities area has the Colorado River running through it. We have the Arizona, California and Nevada borders all within about 20 minutes drive time.

My favorite casino, located just across the river has karaoke 7 nights a week. There are so many singers usually, the wait time to do your number is from 30 to 120 minutes. My average numbers to do in a night are two. Although I have gotten in 5 or 6 numbers on a slow night. From the Arizona side, where I live in Bullhead City, there is a free ferry ride I enjoy over to the Riverside Casino, in Laughlin, Nev. The ride takes only 40 seconds and the ferry boat man plays Gilligan's Isle during the ride. The ferry usually operates all night long. Laughlin, Nev. is like a miniature Los Vegas. It is named after Mr. Don Laughlin, who is still alive and comes to the dance hall now and then. He does excellent ball room dancing for us, and puts on quite a show!

Mr. Laughlin first came to this town many years ago and started up a motel with only 3 or 4 rooms to let and a few old fashioned handle pull slots to play. Now it has turned into a towering small town inside the casino with 800 to 900 rooms, eateries, swimming pool, bowling alley, shops, all located inside the casino. I sing in the Dance Hall. Generally, an older crowd hangs out, or snow birds plus the regulars.

Downstairs they are carrying on another live entertainment, such as for a younger crowd, and they may have a wet tee shirt contest. I decided not to enter that one! I might scare somebody with mine.

I ride the free ferry to do my gig
I ride the free ferry to do my gig

People From All Walks of Life Come Here

About half the people in the audience will attempt a song, about a quarter of the singers are regulars. The Dance Hall Club has been having karaoke for about 15 years straight.

Some of the singers are former professionals and have sang or played in Los Vegas. A few singers come up in a wheel chair. Some youngsters will take the stage by storm. I started with country and western and moved into show tunes and rock according to what I think the atmosphere of a certain night is calling for. Singing develops an emotional high in yourself and makes others feel good as well. We have a large dance floor that is always in use and many varieties of music.

The KJ hosts Sunday thru Wednes. are a couple who have been there 14 years and own a Karaoke shop in town. Chris and Susie. Chris is a cut up and blows a train horn whenever one of us does a train song. Debbie and Jason are the KJ hosts on the other nights of the week, all the KJ hosts have fine singing voices and keep their equipment in good working condition to help the fledgling karaoke singer do their best. When Chris belts out Mustang Sally, I simply have to do a line dance with the other gals.


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