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Kardashian's Newborn Baby

Updated on December 6, 2015

On Saturday, December 5th, Kim Kardashian-West gave birth to a baby boy a few weeks early due to possibilities of health complications. It seems that Christmas came early for The West family, and North has a little brother to celebrate the holidays with. We are all wondering what the baby's name could, maybe another direction on the compass. We all made fun of the name 'North West' and yet still fell in love with the beautiful baby girl that graced paparazzi shots everywhere, I am more than convinced that if it is South West, then we will grow accustomed to as much as we grew accustomed to the Kardashian's themselves.

Now, we all wonder why we keep these women in the spotlight, but let's not question it and welcome their new son into the world. These are the children of our future, and they will definitely be in the spotlight. Baby North and Newborn boy will possibly the Kendall and Kylie of the next generation. They have the million dollar funds behind them and they will be babies of the one-percent.

We wish Kim well in her motherly endeavors and hope that her baby settles into world exceedingly well. We will be patiently waiting for the name and the cute baby pictures to be slapped across picture stands nationwide. Congratulations West family!

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