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Kasumi Nakane, Beautiful Supermodel and Actress

Updated on July 23, 2017

A first look at Kasumi Nakane

Who is Kasumi Nakane?

Kasumi Nakane is one of the veterans of the Japanese entertainment industry and she is one that I have known about for years. Born Kasumi Nakasone, she is a native of Osaka, Japan although she was raised in Tokyo. Kasumi was born on April 3, 1982 and she is a model, gravure idol, and actress.

Why Kasumi Nakane is well-known:Reason #1

She is a graduate of the private Horikoshi High School. One of her classmates is the famous Kyoko Fukada. This is the same high school that had celebrities such as Yoko Minamino, Yoko Oginome, Ai Kato, and Masumi Miyazaki as their students.

A Little bit about Kasumi's personal life

Her husband is baseball player Tsuyoshi Wada whom she married on December 10, 2005. On September 13, 2006, she gave birth to her daughter. She is known for her appearances in movies such as Gun Crazy 3: The Big Gundown and Traitor’s Rhapsody.

Photos of Kasumi Nakane in various styles of dress

Kasumi Nakane: her modeling career in brief

It was not until 1996 that she began her work as a gravure idol and part of her success was due to her having a large bust for her age. She is signed to the talent agency Big Apple. She used to work under the name of Kasumi Ue.

DVD and video releases by Kasumi

  • Digital Playboy Volume 2 Kasumi Nakane (2001)
  • Sil Vous Plait (2003)
  • WPB-net Remix DVD Kasumi Nakane “Slow Life, Sweet Love” (2004)
  • Summer Memories (2005)

She has also released many photo books.

Kasumi Nakane in a bikini

Kasumi Nakane: her other work

In addition to her work as a gravure idol, Nakane has been a spokesperson for MSN. In 2002, she started what is called a “morning wakeup call” service. This service involved randomly calling five customers. Nakane herself made those calls. In 2004, Nakane took part in a Yahoo chat in order to promote her DVD box set called Nakane Kasumi Memories Box Merci! The response from the fans was very impressive! There were over 6,700 people that participated in the chat session and they sent over 3,700 questions!

Photos of Kasumi Nakane in a swimsuit


Kasumi Nakane in white bikini


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