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Kate Upton Is Awesome

Updated on May 1, 2012

Kate Upton. Every guy in the world right now knows who she is. She recently graced the covers of the annual SI swimsuit issue, and she certainly did it with style. There's something different about Kate Upton that makes her not just your typical "blonde bombshell." This girl is a weirdo. She is silly, dances, jokes around, and does it all while looking amazing and being incredibly attractive.

Ever since her appearance on the SI cover, her popularity has blew up and she has rapidly become one of today's most iconic models. She has also spread her talents to acting and appeared in the Ben Stiller movie "Tower Heist". She is known for her curvacious body and a trademark mole above her lip. Simple characteristics along with her silly, playful, carefree personality, Kate Upton is a knockout model. And she's awesome.


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