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Katee Sackhoff, Hot or Not?

Updated on June 23, 2010

Katee Sackhoff probably the Ugliest "Hot actress" in Television. Didn't really love her on Battlestar Galactica and i was also unaware of her beauty spots that attracted most of last season guys on 24 to crush on her!!

I Think she has a Big body..Okay, no dought about that but is that it? Her legs and Shoulders are...weired! You saw her and you don't know what's wrong but you kinda don't feel comfortable..Am I right? 

What do you Think guys of Katee Sackhoff...Hot or not?


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    • profile image

      Julien Français 6 years ago

      Moi je trouve katee vraiment belle avec un enorme charme et son jeux d'actrice est incroyable.

      I Katte is really beautiful with a huge charm and games is incredible actress

      And sorry for my english

    • profile image

      Lord 6 years ago

      I dont know if she is really hot in real mean of that word. Shes not that kind of sexy bitch wich is in every tv series.... She is "normal" girl with nice face and lovely smile and i think its enough :-)

    • amagdy profile image

      amagdy 7 years ago from giza, Egypt

      hehehe i like that

    • jcwin228 profile image

      jcwin228 7 years ago from Yonago, Japan

      I definitely like the last picture. She's hot in a scary kind of way, like she'd beat you up or somethng if you diodn't satisfy her.

    • amagdy profile image

      amagdy 7 years ago from giza, Egypt

      c'mon guys, where's the comments? what do you think?