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Kath and Kim - The Movie is Coming to 2012

Updated on July 30, 2012

Kath and Kimderella - The Movie

Coming 2012 The Kath and Kim movie! Correction, Kath and Kimderella is coming to the big screens this September 6th 2012. Jane Turner and Gina Reily will be reprising their roles of Kath Day-Knight and Kim Craig, whilst Magda Szubanski will be back as the lovable, but unlucky in love Sharon.

Whilst much of the movie plots remains tightly guarded, one could guess by the movie’s title and the filming location being Italy that a certain romantic fairytale theme will occur.

Kath and Kimdrella is a highly anticipated comeback , as the last time new Kath and Kim episodes was on Australian television was back in 2008 when the show was in its 4th season. It’s unlikely the comedic duo will ever return to the small screen, yet there have been hints that prequels and sequels could be a possibility!

Kath and Kimderella 2012 Trailer

Kath and Kim on Sunrise

Just for Laughs: Kath and Kel do Footloose!

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    • profile image

      paxwill 5 years ago

      I'm rather embarrassed to admit I used to watch that show...and to admit that I will probably watch the movie when it comes out on Netflix.