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Katharine McPhee Videos and Photos

Updated on November 13, 2008

All About Katharine McPhee

Katharine McPhee was born in Los Angeles California on March 25th 1984. Her sign is Aries. And even though she did not win American Idol she still became a very popular singer in her own right and is very popular with a huge fan base.

Sources that are close to American Idol say that Katharine McPhee is now engaged to Nick Cokas age 42 who is an actor. Katharine McPhee is now 23.

Some Katharine McPhee Facts

Her Mother is a cabaret singer and a voice coach and she helped Katharine all she could.

She missed several concerts during her run for American Idol with severe bronchitis and she fell during one concert and suffered a hairline fracture in her left foot.

Her fathers name is Daniel McPhee and her mothers name is Peisha McPhee.

She has a sister named Adriana McPhee

In June 2006 Katharine McPhee revealed that she had suffered with bulima for years but that she sought help for it once she made it onto American Idol.

Katharine McPhee attended the Boston Conservatory of Music.

Katharines boyfriend is a broadway actor.

Katharine McPhee says that Gene Kelly is one of her Idols.

Katharine McPhee recently admits that she has a bit of a wild streak like the time her and girlfriends found an open door at the local animal shelter and freed all the dogs and cats. She also admits to some Halloween Pranks where her and friends wrapped a former teachers house in toilet paper.

She recently did an interesting interview with T.V. Guide.

While Katharine McPhee was on American Idol a lot of her critics thought she would be much better as a Broadway Actor than she ever would as a Pop Star. Katharine however would not agree. She is working very hard to become a Pop Star. Below are some great Katharine McPhee Music Videos and while you won't find any Katharine McPhee Rapidshare Videos you will find some great music videos of hers below plus a video with some more great Katharine McPhee Photos.

Katharine McPhee Photos , Just Click the small Photos to see each Photo

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Tyra Banks Feels Up Katharine McPhee

Tyra Banks was wondering if Katharine McPhee's Boobs were real or not and then Tyra Banks reaches over and feels her up.
Tyra Banks was wondering if Katharine McPhee's Boobs were real or not and then Tyra Banks reaches over and feels her up.

In the below video Tyra Banks feels up Katharine McPhee in the below video. In the video which is from regular tv Tyra and Katharine are talking about Katharine's Boobs.

On this page there are no Katharine McPhee Rapidshare Videos but there are some great videos of hers on this page.

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