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Katie Price's Explicit message to young Teen

Updated on December 29, 2011

Katie Price's Explicit message to Teen Boy

Katie posing at Book Signing
Katie posing at Book Signing
Jack and his Grandmother with message
Jack and his Grandmother with message

Katie Price's Explicit Message to Teen Boy

 Katie Price was doing a book signing in Exeter's WH Smith last week for her new book Paradise, among the many fans queueing to have their book signed by there idol, was thirteen year old Jack Mcbirney who waited two hours to see Katie, when Jack reached the front of the queue, Katie Price said "Are you looking at my tits?" and as if that wasnt bizzare enough, shy Jack then handed over his book where Katie Price A.K.A Jordan, decided to write "To Jack and wet dreams." inside the front cover.

Jacks Grandmother Shirley Williams age 55, who was with him that day, was disgusted when she saw her Grandsons personal message from Katie, and went straight to The Sun with this message  “That woman is a disgrace. Jack is 13 for heaven’s sake. Imagine a grown man leaving a sex message for a girl that age. They would be arrested. She is a mother and should know better. Jack looks his age – he is very obviously a young teenage boy and it was wrong. People should think twice about letting children go to a Katie Price book signing.”

Jack from Exeter said he felt really embarassed when Katie asked if he was staring at her chest he went bright red in front of everyone, and told her "i wasnt staring at all."  Katie then asked Jack what she wanted him to write and he replied i dont mind, so when she put the thing about wet dreams he was very suprised.

The thing is Jacks grandmother is right in what she said, if it had been a male star writting a sexual message to a thirteen year old girl there would have been a uproar, i just find it quite disturbing that Katie has two sons of her own and still would talk to a child in this way and write the message that she did, surely as a grown woman and a mother to son's herself she should know better, but evidently not.

Typicaly Katie's agent refused to comment on the sex message, if Katie had any sence she would have issued a apology to the boy and his Grandmother, but then there is nothing sensible about this latest incident.




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