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Katy Perry vs. Taylor Swift

Updated on February 5, 2015

The "feud"

OMG! What did she say? Apparently we can't all just get along. While anybody can express their dislike for someone, only superstars get to put their feeling into hit songs. The rest of us have to settle with talking s*** and maybe brawl over the issue (in my experience just punching the s*** out of each other seems to get it out of our systems.) But this isn't about me, it's much bigger, it's between the two of the girls I'm in love with. So what the hell is this all about?

The Breakdown

So apparently this whole fiasco started because some of TS's dancers left her for KP. Damn, I'm just glad my backup dancers are loyal. So then blah blah blah the're taking stabs at each other through songs, something about John Mayor, too. (which from what I hear from friends that have run into him here in the Bozeman bars is a pretty cool dude, so maybe he's worth fighting over) but I digress... I'm gonna break this down:

Song Fight!

These two are both very talented in their own ways. Taylor is notorious for breakup songs, which suggests she definitely has a dark side. The problem is: the songs are a bit whiny and spiteful. Now Katy's songs are, well, very random for a lack of a better word. Some are bubbly and happy, some are dark, and some are just plain scary. Problem is they're just to random to diagnose what the hell she's singing about.

Song Fight Winner:

it's a hard decision but I'm gonna have to give this one to Taylor.... While Katy could vocally tear Taylor apart, I imagine that Taylor would dig deep to find anything to crush Katy. It's okay KP fans. It's only one category.


Lately Taylor has been showing a more variety of music, not just breakup songs. So that's cool. "Shake it Off" was just a big F*** OFF to haters which is awesome. Katy seems like she's just out of her freakin mind with the randomness that she throws out there.

Creativity Winner:

Katy Perry gets this one. Just all the flash and crazy s*** she's got going on gets her the win. (Plus I was really hurt watching Taylor bash that Shelby Cobra in the Blank Space video)

All Out Brawl!

Girls fights are completely unpredictable altogether. It seems that Katy would break Taylor in half, but: Girls will tear each other up, size doesn't matter. I can only imagine how hyped up this particular brawl would be: internet connections would get overloaded and crash disabling our main means of communication, Perez Hilton would get so excited he'd probably have a heart attack thus not be able to feed the hungry gossip mongrels' appetite for juicy headlines, and of course, the KP and TS fans all around the world would be taking sides causing chaos throughout the entire world. Hair pulling, scratching, screaming, just absolute pandemonium.

All Out Brawl Winner!

This would be a tie. Considering all the possibilities outlined above, it would be dangerous for me to pick a winner. So you decide below.

You choose!

Who comes out on top:

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