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Katy Perry wedding

Updated on November 19, 2011

Marriages made in India

We all know Katy Perry as the sizzling singer, songwriter and musician. But this page is about all that has been and is happening recently in the life of this American songstress. She wedded the British comedian Russel Brand in a private yet royal ceremony in India on October 23rd 2010. 

Things that lead to the marriage

The couple first met in 2008 when Perry filmed a cameo for the comedy film," Get him to the Greek" starring  Johan Hill and Russell Brand. Little did she know that she is gonno fall in love with him at that time.

If there was something that was so much responsible for them getting together, it would be the 2009 MTV VMA Awards in September,where Brand was the host. Katy din't win any award that year. Nevertheless, she met the love of her life. It seems that they were clubbing the same night as they were staying in the same hotel.

Since then they started dating, but not too long. Just in 4 months, when they were holidaying in India, he proposed to her in the Ranthambore WIldlife Sanctuary. She agreed and they got engaged.

Who can escape from falling in love with the scenic beauty of India? Katy was very particular that her wedding should take place in the same place where Brand had proposed and the romantic wedding took place in the resort near the Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary in Rajasthan, India.

The Royal Rajasthan

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Did Rihanna attend her BFF's wedding?

The Times Of India reported " Celebrities including Jonathan Ross, David Walliams and Rihanna have reportedly arrived in Ranthambore to take part in Katy Perry, Russell Brand wedding scheduled at Aman-e-Khas resort in Ranthambore on Saturday. " But I read that Rihanna was too busy over her upcoming album, "Only Girl" that she missed out the wedding. Anyway, Katty remained an understanding friend even though she is believed to have booked a room for Rihanna. Katty's parents too arrived at the resort complex to witness the wedding. The guests were accomodated in exclusive tents so close to nature's beauty.

An usual setting for a typical Rajasthani wedding
An usual setting for a typical Rajasthani wedding

Marrying, the Indian way!!!

  • The wedding took place in the romantically peaceful tiger reserve with 80 close guests.
  • Guests were accomodated in 4 luxury resorts namely Sher Bagh, Khem Vilas, Dev Vilas and Vanya Vilas

  • The ceremony itself was conducted in a red and white tent inside Aman-e-Khas resort.
  • The guests were offered a tiger safari and a grand Rajasthani feast full of delicious Rajasthani delicacies like Baajre ki Roti, Sarson ka saag, gur and Rabri.
  • It was conducted in a traditional North Indian style, presided over by a Hindu priest. Perhaps, Indian being very famous for maintaining their wedding vows and for considering their marriage sacred may have been one of the reasons for the couples choosing India.
  • The wedding is expected to be a 4 day affair, just like every Indian marriages.

Typical Rajasthani couple

Elie saab's latest collection of bridal wear.
Elie saab's latest collection of bridal wear.

Katy's costume

  • Though Sources revealed that Katy herself admitted that she was to wear Elie Saab haute couture dress, I heard that she chose a dove-grey colored wedding gown with lace sleeves.
  • According to a Hindu Statesman who was there throughout the occassion, Katy seems to have worn a sari when the important rituals were taking place. It was then I realized how much I missed to see the wedding.

Really inspirational

A song quite similar to "California girls" in style and way way in-depth in meaning is this Fireworks. Sometime in life, when you feel that you are of no use, listen to this song to get a quick boost!

Artistically drawn mehndi design
Artistically drawn mehndi design

Mehndi festival

  • Rajasthani women are experts in drawing intricate mehndi(myrtle paste) designs. Indian marriages allot one day "Mehndi festival". On that day, all the women and children don mehndi designs from the finger tip till the elbow.
  • I couldn't imagine how the dark design would glow in her fair palms!

Fight between body guards and a photographer
Fight between body guards and a photographer | Source

The Wedding-fiasco

The couple had arrived at the Ranthambore resort in a private helicopter. They had got permission from the authorities to land their heli at a place so close to wildlife stating that a patient need to be immediately shifted to that place. But when the authorities found the real reason, they were caught red handed.

Moreover, four of Katy's friends seem to have smoked, drunk and carried weapons inside the forest where they had gone on a safari.

Also the loud sounds from the luxury resort seemed to be disturbing for the animals nearby. All this dragged the newly wedded to the court for violating wildlife laws.

Yet another hindrance came in the form of a tiger which broke open into the scene of wedding with its prey. The guards had great trouble chasing it away.

Wedding gift

Brand seems to have hunted for a perfect gift for his better-half,and  at last ended up doing something to prevent hunting! Katy's first wedding gift was a tigris from the Ranthambore Sanctuary. Whether or not it's an effort to make up for the wild life law violations they made, the gift is definitely a unique choice for someone so brave and independent like Katy.

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Russel Brand's sudden love for India

Of  late Brand has been deeply in love with Indian traditions which naturally showed off in his wedding.

  • He is a complete vegetarian
  • He is practising transcendental meditation
  • He is a supported of Hare Rama Hare Krishna movement

Couples at the monument of love

Maldives-the perfect honeymoon spot
Maldives-the perfect honeymoon spot

Marriage is done...What next ?

The couple have expressed their joy over being addressed Mr. and Mrs Brand. They have flown to Male(capital of Maldives) in a chartered flight to enjoy a even more romantic honeymoon. Katy is expected to get a dual citizenship for USA and Britain.

Love meter

The couple has taken so much care about every aspect of their wedding. But, is a 4 month long date sufficient to know a man fully before trysting our life with him?

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