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Kdrama IRIS starring famous Big Bang singer T.O.P.

Updated on April 15, 2015

Have you ever heard of IRIS the tv show?

IRIS, a South korean styled spy drama involving the the historic conflict between South Koreans against the North. The drama revolves around the main protagonist and the reunification of North and South Korea. Betrayal, action and romance are the main themes.

Estimated to be around $17 milllion in production costs, IRIS is known for being one of the most expensive Korean dramas ever. Mostly because it was filmed at various locations around the world.

If you enjoy shoot em up thrillers, you may just want to check out this 20 episode show that came out way back in 2009.

T.O.P from kpop group Big Bang
T.O.P from kpop group Big Bang

T.O.P. from Big Bang plays a supporting character role of a cruel assassin called Vick. Not much is known about this deadly assasign as he works for a very secretive organization. His looks suited the role and he portrayed his character well and was praised for his acting. Something about T.O.P. and guns that just go so well together.

While starring many actors/actresses, Lee Byung Hee and Kim Tae Hee are the 2 main leads. What a perfect duo in this gun slinging espionage show. Jung Joon-ho, Kim Seung-woo, and Kim so-yeon were a few of the other supporting cast. It was smart in casting both North and South Koreans to play their respective roles.

The storyline was clever and smooth but the ending kind of ruined it in my eyes. Lots of people enjoyed the ending, but I like my shows to end a little differently. Yep, sorry to possibly ruin it for you, but perhaps you will find it enjoyable.

A highlight was the overseas filming. The landscapes were so beautiful and were meaningful to the plot. They gave some backstory (background information) to the characters. There were many unexpected twists to the plot as to be expected. The twists and individual character relationships were refreshing and call me crazy but I love that characters literally got "killed off". Be warned quite a few characters die in this drama, lots of death!

Nevertheless the action was very satisfying and the plot was overall enjoyable, that is until the end. I am just glad that they came out with IRIS the movie and Athena, both spin offs of the orignial show IRIS. There is also some data that we are going to be lucky enough to have IRIS 2. It is set to take place 3 years after the original IRIS. Not sure when it will come out yet though. Hopefully soon!


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