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Updated on May 7, 2016


Director: Peter Atencio

Writers: Jordan Peele, Alex Rubens

Cast: Jordan Peele, Keegan-Michael Key, Tiffany Haddish, Method Man, Darrell Britt-Gibson, Jason Mitchell, Jamar Malachi Neighbors, Luis Guzmán, Will Forte, Nia Long, Rob Huebel, Madison Wolfe, Jordyn A. Davis, James Yeargain, Brittany Seymour

Synopsis: Friends hatch a plot to retrieve a stolen kitten by posing as drug dealers for a street gang.

MPAA Rating: Rated R for violence, language throughout, drug use and sexuality/nudity

Stevennix2001's Rating:

6 / 10


- The jokes were funny.

- Acting was OK for the most part. Nothing great, but it wasn't that bad.

- Pacing was decent.

- Direction wasn't that bad.


- Story was stupid as hell. Made little to no sense, and it was based on a laughably absurd premise.

- With the exception of Hi-C, every character in this film came off as a generic stereotype in one form or another.

- Story felt a bit corny at times

- Very predictable plot

Kitten, please!

Okay, I'm just going to be completely honest with you guys. This film is completely f**king stupid. The trailers alone tell you this is a stupid comedy, and that's exactly what you get from "Keanu." But does that make it a bad film? Well...yes and no.

Yes, it's a bad movie because the plot is rather predictable and contrived. The romance seems forced, and most of the characters are either bland generic stereotypes, or they're not that interesting. You have two yuppie black guys that act like stereotypical white guys, who smoke some weed occasionally, but they're forced into a situation where they have to act like overly generic gangster black guys. You have the black drug dealer and most of his posse acting like the stereotypical thugs. In fact, if wasn't for Hi-C (yes, that's literally the character's name), then this film would've been full of nothing but generic stereotypes.

The story is about a small cat by the name of Keanu, who has some sort of disease that makes him look like a little kitten forever. Aw, how cute. Anyway, Keanu is a former pet of a crime boss that gets killed. He runs away to find one of our two heroes, after he had just got dumped by his girlfriend. The two of them bond, as he even has Keanu pose for him in a series of pictures parodying various films for fun. But through a series of unlikely events, Keanu gets kidnapped by a bunch of street thugs led by Cheddar (Method Man), who's basically a hardcore gangster, with a soft spot for kittens.

Of course, the police aren't any help, as they even admit to them that there's literally nothing they can do. Wow, the police admitting to people they're useless in a crime scene? These are some damn honest cops. I'll give you that.

Worried about Keanu's safety, our heroes pose as overly generic black gangster stereotypes, in an effort to rescue him. Like the classic "Home Alone" movies, we all know the protagonists in this film would most likely be dead for pulling half the s**t they try to do in this movie. Let's just be honest about that, but the movie never takes itself too seriously, so we're never given any reason to take it too seriously either.

And in a strange way, it kind of works. The humor for the most part is funny. Hell, I'd be lying if I said there wasn't any moments throughout the film that I didn't find myself laughing hysterically. While I'm not a big fan of most generic stupid comedies, "Keanu" wasn't that bad. Sure, the story sucked, the characters were stupid, and it featured a laughably absurd premise to begin with.

But as I said before in my "Fifty Shades of Black" review, I usually don't expect a lot out of big budget comedies these days; other than to make me laugh. And on that note, "Keanu" hits on that note perfectly. Sure, it would've been nice to see a better written comedy, with more interesting characters outside of generic archetypes.

But for what "Keanu" happens to be, it's fairly decent. If you're just looking for a halfway decent comedy to watch for a few cheap laughs on a Saturday night, then it's worth checking out once it hits Netflix or DVD. However, I wouldn't go out of my way to see it in theaters though; especially with much better movies you could check out in theaters that would be more deserving of your time.


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    • profile image

      Pat Mills 2 years ago from East Chicago, Indiana

      I thought Keanu wasn't bad, and made me hope Key & Peele could hone their act for the big screen.

    • Discordzrocks profile image

      Gavin Heinz 2 years ago from Austin TX

      Wow nice review. Personally, I liked the movie only because cute kittens are life to me. Otherwise it would be pretty bad, the story is just crap.