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Youtube This, and Youtube that!

Updated on February 6, 2011

Keep Sharing...

Youtube is a great window to see the world. Who isn't on youtube by now???? Everything, and everyone is youtubing... Are you???

Youtube this, youtube that! is a common phrase we hear nowadays..Oh My God! Everyone is a filmmaker! Have a cam, a cellphone or just a toy, and youtube will pronounce you a director instantly, lol. Sit in the director chair or be the actor yourself. You can also be a one man show!

Start youtube this and youtube that...My cat,  my bird, my dog, my husband, my friend, my bff, my family, my boyfriend, my neighbor, my relative, my house, my backyard, my party, my wedding, my birthday, my bbq, my car,  my TV,  NEWS, my soap opera, and my life.  Aall subjects are covered, almost everything, and everyone is on you tube.. Who is not???? 

If you are not, you better start.  Don't miss the train of youtube.... And guess what! Above all,  I just LOVE IT even though that it's not in my favor as a professional filmmaker. But I think everyone has the liberty/choice to express themselves, share with the world (others) what they may think is great/ important/ significant/valuable in their own personal opinion. 

No boundaries or privacy. Sometimes, I just love watching other people's videos, and wonder... How great it is to have a chance to reach out people's hearts, and minds through the use of you tube. It's simply remarkable. A word to the wise, don't miss out on leaving a comment, feedback or just a question. People love to hear your thoughts no matter how insignificant the content might be. 

Gladys Karam

3Angels Power Film Production INC

Capture ALL!


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