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Keeping the mind stimulated at the office.

Updated on December 3, 2016

Making the most out of your day!

This might only apply to a few people out there with jobs that allow you to use headphones at work. This is good for those repetive task that don't use much brain power. And it is also good for when you can't find any good music to listen to. Then again you might be able to use the information here for working around the house. I know for me I have a constant need to learn and need just have a continuous feed of information coming at me. I just want to put out a few methods that I like to use for keeping my mind going. The mind so complex and sometimes it needs someting to keep it stimulated. Some people feel like your education stops when school stops. But thats really up to you if you want to continue learning. If you keep on learning you will continue to grow as a person. You will have a better perspective on life and most situations.

What you'll need

A list of what you'll need for this task.

  • A smart phone or PC with internet.
  • Headphones or computer speakers.

Ways to get more information during the day.

I'm going to list 3 places that are very good sources for audio information. A lot of times we know about these resources but we just don't use them a lot of the time. Getting into a habit of getting the most out of your day. You will find that your mind will be fueled with more information than you had when you woke up. Think of your brain like a sponge. And you don't want it to dry out. You want it to soak up all the information it can. I look at audio a good way to keep your brain moving. Kind of like working out your body, your mind also needs to be worked out. Getting into the habit of listening to informative audio.

Podcast 3d text
Podcast 3d text


The first way I do this is from podcast.

Podcast are a great resource to use in learning something through headphones. Just about every topic imaginable is on a podcast. For those of you new to Podcast, think of it like talk radio with no limits. Want to learn spanish? They have a podcast on learning it. Want to learn spanish? They have a podcast for this too! The selection goes on and on. What got they me into podcast was trying to learn more on photography. I ended up listening to a podcast called 'Tipsfromthetopfloor'. And it doesn't have to be an educational podcast either. They have entertainment ones too. I enjoy Joe Rogans podcast. These are only a few out of 100's of podcast to choose from. And by the time you read this there are probably going to be even more to choose from. I enjoy podcast because you can learn on the go.


Audio Books

This next part I'll suggest is Audio Books.

Sometimes we don't get the time to read like we use to. I always enjoy listening to Audio Books when my task is pretty repetitive. Places you can find Audio Books with a budget are with your local library. Hopefully your library supports doing online check outs of books and audio books. Sometimes the selection can be small but hey, I'll take what I can get! Another place you can listen to audio books is on Youtube. Every now and then you can find a good book posted. I'm not sure how many Spotify users are out there but they also have audio books hidden away in their library of music.


Listen to a movie

Yes sometimes you just wanna play a movie in the background. Sometimes we don't have a TV around or can't use one at work. Listen to a movie is a website that plays the audio only of movies. I don't know about you but I can sit down and play 5th element or scarface anytime and play them in my head as I'm listening. It almost feels like having the TV in the background on. This is a good fun site to use.

The power is now yours.

I hope these different ideas give you something to feed on. I enjoy using these different methods to energize the mind. The information is just floating out there in cyberspace. We just have to know where to look and take it all in. Who knows in the near future there will be even more ways to get information. And if you have any other ideas please feel free to comment down below. Let me know if this helps at all.


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