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Keeping Us Honest - The Howard Stern Redemption

Updated on January 9, 2018

For over 30 years, Howard Stern has been bombarding the airwaves with his patented style of irreverent and satirical humor. In his beginnings his delivery was admittedly raw and unabashed while Stern worked on his On-Air identity, yet the talent and edge were present from day one. Stern's realization, early on, was that spewing the truth and nothing but the truth is the only true medium. In a world of stiffs, he became the personification of private, unadulterated truth in all its glory and for the whole world to see; all, at a great professional cost.

The 80's and 90's were Stern's battlefield against an oppressive FCC and the constraints of a society reeling out of a cold war conservative mentality. Despite the occasional attempt for personal freedom and individuality, most of us still resisted self-realization and insisted on taking ourselves way too seriously as a society. Therein lies Stern's greatness, and the reason for his colossal success.

As his millions of listeners will tell you, his comedic genius is only rivaled by the uncanny way Stern has his finger on society's pulse. His comedy is the proverbial bulldozer that expands our horizons and allows us to look at ourselves in the most authentic and honest of lights. His risqué approach to taboo material throughout the years, has given him carte-blanche with his loyal audience on a variety of subjects ranging from sex, personal hygiene, dating advise to intellectually advanced political analysis. In the same fashion as his own childhood comedic inspiration, Mad Magazine, Stern has developed a cult like following of millions of listeners who strive not only for comedic relief but also a bonafide sense of broadcasting honesty, unseen and unheard, until Howard Stern.

In the last few years, as Stern's popularity grew exponentially through TV appearances, renewed multi million contracts, and the gradual taming and increased sophistication of the broadcasts content, Stern found himself interviewing elite celebrities and personalities. His in depth, hypnotic interviewing skills took a magnitude of their own, so much so that he is considered today one of the top interviewers in the Nation.

However, Stern's greatest achievement has been the ability to immerse, and in a way conjoin his listeners into his on-air family composed of his regular crew such as Robin Quivers, The Robin to his Batman, Fred, Bababooe and his entire cast of office misfits who some way or another manage to produce this spectacular and unpredictable circus that is the Howard Stern Show. In the most real of reality shows, we are captivated by the antiques of the wack-packers like Bobo or High Pitch Erik. We are saddened and mourn the loss of Eric the Actor and we cannot wait for Gary the Conquerors call every single morning. Every day, as if entering an alternate reality in Howard's studio, we immerse ourselves for 4 hours into his life, his ideas, his controlled chaos. And we enjoy every minute of it.

It is not a fluke, nor is it cheap shots at vulgar comedy. No, Howard Stern's contribution to the world of entertainment stings a lot deeper than mere adjectives can describe. In a world of deviant politicians, race tension, economic inequality, and the vertigo filled way in which society changes on a daily basis, in the Howard Stern universe, for 4 hours a day, we are all the same.....

Howard Stern interviews Lady Gaga


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