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Kellie Pickler

Updated on April 12, 2009

Kellie Took The Stage On American Idol

Tonight, April 8th 2009 Kellie Pickler stepped on stage at American Idol to perform her new hit called The Best Days OF Your Life. Kellie Pickler co-wrote the newest single with her best gal pal Taylor Swift. This is the first song that Taylor co-wrote with Kellie and helped her with her newest video to go along with her single. Anyone who knows the duo knows that anything the two of them would work on would turn out to be a number one single and video. Soon the two of them will be fighting it out on the charts to hold onto the number one spot. The best friends are always together when not on tour or out of the country doing something or promoting something. Last year Kellie went in to Iraq to perform for the troops and visited many places and posted all about her trip on her myspace page and GACTV taped her trip and aired it later on their show on GAC.

Kellie Came out onto stage singing her song Best Days of Your Life on to the stage that she once competed on to win American Idol. Although when she left the stage this time she didnt have to worry about if she was going to be given a record deal. This time she has already had some number one hits and has become one of the most requested people on country music radio stations.


Many fans have become "friends" of Kellie Pickler on Myspace, The top social networking website on the internet. This site has become one of the most visited websites on the internet every single day. I myself must visit the site about 10 times a day. I am actually one of the followers on myspace for Kellie Pickler. I have come to realize that it is actually useful to have this website to find out just what it is that all the stars are up to these days. These singers and actors all blog on their websites about what they are doing and where they are doing it these days. Kellie is one of the most down to earth singers to grace country music. Kellie and Taylor are both showing country music what can happen when leading ladies take the stage and write number one hits and can sing them everynight onstage, Kellie keeps us all updated on her shows and on her wardrobe choices even. Even blogging about what kind of shoes she wears and her shoe obsession and when she goes shopping on her trips to the cities. Once you become a "friend" on myspace you can choose to have friend updates on and this will allow you to see when someone places a blog on their page or when they change their status report and so forth. I highly recommend that you check her out and see what she is all about on myspace. I personally love to use myspace.


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