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Who’s that behind Kelly Ripa?

Updated on May 28, 2011

Fashion Finder's Camera Woman

I enjoy watching Live with Regis and Kelly every now and then but always seem to catch up with Kelly Ripa’s Fashion Finder on down days. Ripa and her stylist Faith Cromas update viewers on the fashion that Ripa is wearing for the day. I must say I love it! I have found some really good clothing websites promoted on this internet segment and I like the fact that women are shown how to successfully use staple pieces for years to look updated and well put together.

However, lately the dark haired beauty behind the scenes has been stealing the show. She’s the camera woman shooting the segments with a mini cam of some sort and she can be seen in Ripa’s dressing room mirror during each segment. Her hair and clothing has me drifting off of Ms. Ripa and on to her! I wondered what she was wearing and went back to some segments to see the gorgeous looks she has been sporting!

I enjoy Ripa’s wit and down to earth manner and she has always pointed out the fashion that has inspired her within her dressing room. Yet I have failed to see this young lady’s style promoted. Come on Kelly give her a shout out!

Kelly Ripa with Faith Cromas in the backdrop on Ripa's left.
Kelly Ripa with Faith Cromas in the backdrop on Ripa's left. | Source


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      jess 5 years ago

      i agree!!