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Kendall Jenner Counts Down to Summer in Barely There Bikini Photo: "Take Me Back!"

Updated on March 3, 2015

Kendall Ready for Summer

Check out this picture of Kendall Jenner in a throwback swim-suit photo wearing some outfit by PacSun. I have to say that this picture shows Kendall with very small breasts and so unusually thin for someone her age. This lady must be starving herself in order to stay slim and stay a model. I don't know how these people like Kendall and Angelina Jolie live on like 600 calories per day. They may look great, but this kind of thin frame cannot be healthy. I mean they must have a very low immunity and possibly susceptible to all sorts of deceases. Not cool. The worst thing is that because these folks happen to be famous, they promote this kind of lifestyle for the rest of us women with low self esteem. Now these ladies might look good, but they are not necessarily happy. The whole point here is to be healthy and happy. How can you be happy if you can never enjoy food and eat what you want? I guess some people don't care about that or maybe the anorexia is so bad that it wipes everything else out. The creepy part of this photo is that her brother is in the background checking her out.


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