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Kevin Hart's Girlfriend Is His Former Mistress?

Updated on May 25, 2014

Hart's Ex Spills The Beans On Reality Show


Hart with his concubine, Eniko Parrish, after her promotion.
Hart with his concubine, Eniko Parrish, after her promotion. | Source

Lust, Betrayal, and a Reality Show

Now that the failed marriage has been out of the spotlight,Torrei has decided to bring up the infidelity leading to a new relationship for her ex husband. Most women are taught the marriage can withstand infidelity because technically the wife outranks everyone, but the reality is some men are not able to directly cut ties. Many men create a terrible climate in the relationship until the woman walks away because she is miserable. Based on Torrei's accounts of the relationship, this was the case toward the end of their marriage. She even tried her hand act comedy a few years back as a means to mitigate the pain. The set was uncomfortable to say the least. The crowd wasn't sure about how to react.

Now she is part of the cast of Atlanta Exes, and she is able to show pieces of her life and tell her story on her terms. I hope for her sake it will be less painful than the standup.

$23,000 A Month In Child Support

The Harts have had a rough break up. Their relationship started when they were in their early twenties before the fame. Perhaps it is true that a man is only as faithful as his options, or maybe there were issues that became more obvious due to the shift in economics after Kevin became more popular. Whatever the case, Kevin did admit to infidelity. He did not, however, mention that among the group of women and his former wife,Torrei Hart, who was also the support system and mother of his children, he chose one of the other women, thus elevating her status.

I am sure the ex wife has endured a great deal of emotional stress, but being that she feels partly responsible for his success, she campaigned for $90,000 in child support and was not only denied but made to pay for his legal fees, which sparked an impassioned emotional response on her part. I do not condone cheating, but I do not condone eternal punishment either. I am sure it hurts to lose the family you thought would be there forever, but it has to hurt worse to try to destroy another persons happiness.

Comedy and Tragedy: Torrei Hart Live

Is Torrei Unrealistic?

In the video below, Torrei Hart explains that she gave Kevin an ultimatum, and about a year and a half later she was served with divorce papers. I do not believe in being mistreated, but I also believe she would have been less likely to dissolve the marriage if disrespect wasn't running rampant. According to Torrei, women had the audacity to call her phone and inform her about her husbands waywardness.

While nothing about this kind of behavior is tolerable, I also believe the millionaire lifestyle creates a different atmosphere that an ordinary person is not used to. That is not to say he should have cheated or allowed his wife to feel uncovered by him, but Kevin definitely has not been a millionaire prior to his meteoric rise in the film and comedy realms. In the end, it is obvious she did and probably still does have love for him. I mean, why else would a person be so hostile in court or interviews?

"I'm not gonna sit around and wait for you to sow your oats."

Before the Fame

A slimmer, happier Torrei before tragedy struck.
A slimmer, happier Torrei before tragedy struck. | Source

Expectation vs. Reality

Should women expect a very wealthy man to be faithful?

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    • RealestMotherDear profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Louisiana

      Right. It's getting ridiculous

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Wow! The game is changing.

    • RealestMotherDear profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Louisiana

      Let's not forget Steve Harvey married his jump off. Good feedback as always.

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      4 years ago

      "Torrei Hart explains that she gave Kevin an ultimatum, and about a year and a half later she was served with divorce papers."

      I believe when one gives an ultimatum it should be without "hope". In other words you're making a factual announcement, "If this or that does not happen then I will be doing...etc"

      Most people give ultimatums with their fingers crossed behind their backs hoping and praying the other person will "cave in" so that (they) won't have to follow through on their end.

      I'm not sure if all rich men will cheat but one thing is for certain the more "options" one has the less crap they will put up with. If Angelina Jolie kicked Brad Pitt out of the house there would be a million women lined up ready and willing to comfort him. If there was something he really wanted from her but she refused to do it there are women who'd do whatever he desired while wearing a smile.

      I've personally known women who measured a man's love by how many hoops he would jump through in order to make her happy. It's not a healthy way to approach relationships which is why it's best to pick your battles and only give ultimatums when one is completely fed up and (prepared) to have a relationship/marriage end.

      Historically friends of mistresses have always warned them: "The husband never leaves the wife." However we're seeing a shift in some instances. I recall when Donald Trump left his first wife for Marla Maples, cameraman Danny Moder left his wife for actress Julia Roberts, actor Eddie Cibrian left his wife for country singer Leann Rimes, singer Eddie Fisher left his wife actress Debbie Reynolds for actress Elizabeth Taylor, and Brad Pitt left Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Jolie. Generally speaking if two famous people get together it's less offensive in the public eye than if the husband runs off with a "nobody". The ex wife always wonders what the "other woman" has.

      A lot of men and women cheat because their mate no longer gives them the "royal treatment" or makes them feel "special" anymore. In fact some people believe once they're in a "committed" relationship it means they can RELAX or slack off. I heard a woman once proclaim: "I'm so glad to be out of that (dating scene). I don't have to watch what I say or how I dress anymore." It's like the end of a probation period for a new job.

      It was refreshing to see your statement: "I do not condone cheating, but I do not condone eternal punishment either." For a lot of women it's not enough to be financially taken care of they want to see their ex "suffer". Ideally they'd love to see him sleeping in a cardboard box under a freeway underpass and eating out of dumpsters. These women need to believe that without them these men are nothing. Unfortunately for them the more times they take their ex to court for more money or the more accusations they level against them the worse the women come off in the public. It also keeps them from finding love with a new man.

      Letting go and moving on is the only way to get over infidelity.


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