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Kevin Trudeau: Free Money Book by Kevin Trudeau

Updated on January 12, 2011

Kevin Trudeau: Free Money Book by Kevin Trudeau

Marketing genius Kevin Trudeau understands the art of the wordsmith like no one else since Joe Biden. In the spirit of consumer mass marketing, we examine the nuances of a simple phrase that may or may not have been attributed to Kevin Mark Trudeau. Or research is shoddy and our conclusions are speculative. The Internet is a strange place; read everything at least three times, then look for confirmation on before investing or sending money. It's all fun and games until someone loses a fortune.

Our Target Phrase

We identify as our target phrase "Free Money Book by Kevin Trudeau."

This phrase could imply any number of shades of meaning; we consider the impact of varying punctuation within the string of words.

Experiment #1

Our first experiment requires the application of a single exclamation point:

Free! Money Book by Kevin Trudeau

8th grade Language Arts tells us that two distinct phrases have been created. Neither is a complete sentence, but proper sentence structure is beyond the scope of this dissertation.

The meaning of the two distinct phrases is at issue here. Phrase #1, "Free!" implies that something is about to be offered at no cost. Phrase #2 ostensibly is the thing that's going to be free. In this case a casual observer might surmise that a book related to the subject of money might be what's free. Further reading of phrase #2 appears to imply that the previously mentioned "money book" is in the possession of Kevin Trudeau or may have been possibly written by him or for him. We assume that Mr. Trudeau has the legal right to distribute one or more copies of the book; this point is not clarified in the original experimental phrase, but it's only logical.

Experiment #2

Our next experiment simply indexes the position of the exclamation point:

Free Money! Book from Kevin Trudeau

Compared to Experiment #1, the meaning has been altered. This sequence of words is also two phrases, but phrase #1 seems to imply that reader may wish to continue to phrase #2 in order to learn the precise details for obtaining gratis cash. Unfortunately, phrase #2 brings little satisfaction, at least on the subject of assumptions that may have been made from Phrase #1. Perhaps we are expected to read the book in order to discern the origin of the free money.

Phrase #2 nevertheless serves to make known that Kevin Trudeau either wrote a book, threw a book, or is in possession of a book.

Experiment #3

Experiment #3 omits the exclamation point from Experiment #1and employs a comma instead:

Free, Money Book from Kevin Trudeau

We observe that meanings have been altered again. This single phrase suggests that someone called Kevin Trudeau might be providing a free book about money. This assertion may or may not be true. We make no claims regarding the veracity or accuracy of the meaning, we simply speculate on implications.

Experiment #4

Our final experiment indexes the comma one single word to the right:

Free Money, Book from Kevin Trudeau

Yet another meaning change has been affected. A single phrase results from the punctuation adjustment, but the single phrase seems to imply that a fellow named Kevin Trudeau has money and books, which he might be disbursing at no cost to the recipients. The word book is singular, the word money is either singular or plural. Mr. Trudeau may or may not have one and only one book for each requester, but this application of the phrase seems to imply so.


We can only speculate as to the true meaning of the original phrase and the modulated phrases presented as experiments. Consult your local thesaurus and bookstore for additional information. Stay tuned to Cable Television at 4AM for additional free offers available for a limited time.


The authors are not compensated by Kevin Trudeau, his associates, his publishers, or his fans in any way beyond the advertising that may or may not appear on this page.

No 8th grade Language Arts teachers were harmed in the process of this research.


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    • profile image

      allbridge h rogers 7 years ago

      iam still looking for some money to help me with my bills and mortgage so that i can hold my head up right iam deep in dept with my medical bills

    • dallas93444 profile image

      Dallas W Thompson 7 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      Free hub! "Free" connects with our purchasing decision cycle... We purchase based upon perceived benefits... Free benefits those with a low threshold of desire, or ability to pay for perceived needed benefits... It works. I used to own a Honda dealership. I made lots of money selling "free!"

    • profile image 7 years ago