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Kevin's Song

Updated on August 19, 2010

Kevin's Song


Kevin's Song
C.A. RitenouR 2-15-2K9

Verse 1:
I've heard them say you only live once, but I know sometimes they lie.
I think you live as long as you want to and when you don't you just lay down and die.
I've heard them say the good die young so I'm gonna live long and strong
and take another sip and just let that guitar rip and ride them six strings all night long.

yeah you can sing the blues if it makes you feel better, I know it always make me smile
'cause you can make it rain when you sing about stormy weather, but it ain't rained in quite a while.
so your hair is gettin' thinner and there's some lines on your face,
I know what you mean I still feel seventeen, and I've still got some dreams to chase.

Verse 2:
So why don't you blow out all them candles and we'll sing you that old song.
but from where I'm standin', 50 years ain't that damned long.
Time doesn't wait for no one, time just keeps movin' on
So take another sip and let that guitar rip, and ride them six strings all night long.
let's take another sip, I love to hear that guitar rip and ride them six strings all night long.




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