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Khloe, Kourtney and Kim Kardashian - The Naughty Sisters (Plus Bikini Pics)

Updated on October 13, 2009

Khloe, Kourtney and Kim, one's short, one's tall, and one's kind of in the middle. One's starred in a sex tape, the other two graciously don't make references to it too often. Though Kim Kardashian has the reputation for being the naughtiest of all the Kardashian girls, don't count Khloe or Kourtney out too quickly.

Khloe Kardashian has managed to get herself a DUI charge for drinking and driving, though these days, that's pretty much a rite of passage in Hollywood. Really, if they had any sense they would just pad all the roads in the greater Los Angeles area with foam and force the spoiled children of pseudo celebrities to drive around in cars with large rubber bumper bars on them. This way when they inevitably drink too much and decide to drive anyway.

Not only did Khloe earn her DUI stripes in 2007, in 2008 she made news again by being sued along with her sister for running up hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt on Brandy and Ray J's mom's credit card. Of course, Kim was behind that little scam, leading her sisters astray like a buxom little pied piper.

The story goes that back in the day (2006, to be precise), before Kim shot to fame for doing you know what with the tape and the sex and everything, she used all her powers of shallowness and acted as a stylist. She was Brandy's stylist in fact, which is no doubt how she met Brandy's brother Ray J, and how history was made. But I digress. Kim was entrusted with Sonja Norwood's credit card, and instead of making the one purchase she was supposed to make, ended up splurging $120,000.00 over the course of two years. She didn't do it alone however, as the legend goes, both Kourtney and Khloe helped out on the spending spree.

There are plenty of holes in the story of course, after all, wouldn't you notice if the Kardashian girls made off with your credit card and spent $120,000.00 worth of your money on shoes and dresses and butt jobs? Wouldn't you cancel the card? At this point, I must speculate that the huge sums of money Kim (and her sisters, who apparently joined in the spree) allegedly defrauded from this woman were simply drops in the bucket of credit card spending, and that it was only after an accountant or some other boring type of person looked at the statements two years later, that over a hundred grand was inexplicably missing.

Kim would have almost gotten away with it too, as Sonja explained to People magazine: "After Ray J and Brandy urged me not to file criminal charges because of their prior friendship, I decided to afford the Kardashians an opportunity to resolve this matter without a lawsuit," Norwood said. "When the fraudulent charges were brought to their attention, they apologized profusely, and advised us, through their attorneys, that they would pay the debt in full. However, they have since reneged on that promise."

Those naughty naughty girls. Still, they do look good in those bikinis they bought, don't they?


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    • vinayak1000 profile image


      6 years ago from Minneapolis

      I got a Hub dedicated to Kourtney Kardashian who I am a big fan of.

    • profile image

      karm namgyal 

      8 years ago

      hi you looking great !


    • profile image

      Thomas Barasso 

      8 years ago

      I beleive everyone deserves a fresh start now and then, see i am a therapist for a living but always studied acting and never had the chance to devote all my time on it, well since i met khloe kardashian , lets just say I have more than enough time, she is so generous with all that she has she is just like no one else but to me she is very special, thank you khloe. muuuuuuuuuuah

    • dobo700 profile image


      8 years ago from Australia

      Kim is by far the best

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      ^ Agreed. Kim's the hottest. Kourtney's pretty hot too. But, Khloe's kinda ugly. Like ew. :S

    • profile image

      Lucian J-247 

      10 years ago

      The media sometimes sickens me! Why would it be rationalized that these beautiful women are periless in seeing each others demise. Do me a favor please, stop instigating these ladies split, and give me more pics of my favorite lady Khloe! Deuces!

    • Hazok profile image


      11 years ago from Malaysia

      Very good. They do.


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