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Khloe Kardashian's father issue may be solved, she a kind of monster.

Updated on October 10, 2013

Chimera/ Nephilim weird but not all scary.

I had a epiphany on the issue of Khloe Kardashian who is her real father or fathers. The prime 2 prospects are Alex Roldan, a hairdresser, and former NFL HOF football player OJ. By looking at all 3 of their many photos (some compared Khloe with OJ's daughter) I've notice that she actually looks like both men. First I'll give a small definition of the medical & biological meaning of Chimerism, can be called Chimera also. It comes from the Greek word Chimera generally meaning she-goat a mythical creature. This is when 2 zygotes fuses together as one to then go on to form the creature. They would have 4 parent cells. Basically this person or animal will be their own "twin" having 2 sets of DNA. This is different than twinning, which is 2 babies of different DNA born at same time. Two cases of people being chimeras are Foekje Dillema a Dutch olympic track star, and where i first heard of this on TV is Lydia Fairchild a welfare recipient. From looking at Lydia's case it seems that some chimeras can reproduce.

Now on to the 2 men, both have the nearly the same chin. Khloe looks more to have OJ's nose but have skin more towards Alex Roldan instead of intermediate, but I believe her natural hair color is Reddish of some sort. Any red shade would mean very pale skin. Besides Khloe being very pale she does not look pure white European, both men have some Native American in them I guess Roldan is a castizo Latino. I've seen his last name in Mexico, some have it. It could explain why she is larger than her family members. She is just as large as Roldan in pictures and a lot more than OJ's daughter. She also seems to be a lot stronger than all the females in her family, by seeing a few episodes she can easily lift her sisters. It could also be the reason she has trouble getting pregnant even while healthy. She very much dodges any DNA test, the one on George Lopez show was likely just for show. To rap things up, I think it is a strong possibility she could have chimerism.


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