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Khoobsurat movie review by Virendra Dafane

Updated on July 25, 2015
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Virendra Dafane lives in Pune, India. Feel free to write to him about your views about his articals on virendra.dafane at gmail.

Hrishkesh Mukerjee's Khoobsurat (1980) is often referred to as a cult-classic. I've never been quite sure the kind of criteria one would put, but to call some movie as cult-classic. However, that was a feature that certainly generated a buzz when it came out some three decades ago. It belonged to the period when girls and bahu's' of the family were supposed to change the entire family with new ideas love and freshness they carry subsequent to the marriage. Khoobsurat movieis a similar concept. A beautiful doctor changing a royal family rules and win their hearts with fun and love..!

Khoobsurat movie is one more story where a middle-class professional physiotherapist enters a 21st century king's house toprovide treatment to the king. She became affable with Prince and to conclude prince proposes her. Two lead characters, Sonam kapoor's style is loud, and Price's character is quiet." A silent protagonist is more effective than compelling protenist. " This was quite well achieved by the director here. The person (Fawad Khan ) who has fewer expressions and few emotions have actually played a silent hero, and he has done better job as per me.

About script, script-writer does excellent in parts and fails to achieve a consistent humor. By the way, if you ask a question, whose story is it? Answer is Sonam Kapoor/ Lady doctor. Then why she carries few emotions and only few jokes? Any story is not a good story when you talk about back-story (Past) but you don't show it. Here, Script-writer gives evidences of past and he doesn't take you there. Don't verbalize the past, show it to the audience boy..! ( Look at Raju Hirani or Suraj Barjatya movies ! )Displaying few recent eventswould have helpedthis movie, and probably that would have gripped audience most.

Another part is character development. Sonam is loud and found herself misfit in the royal house. She realizes that rules and emptiness in the house can be only changed with fun and love.Now, you got a story in your hands, as characters don't agree..! At this juncture, the biggest opportunity named "burning character limitations" has been lost by the writer. Character changing views can be done in dramatic style gripping the audience and having soaring humor. Director attempts the equivalent and achieves a limited success. Prince, king and every character change their view, but way they do it, it lacks the heart..!

Core of the movie is, innocence and romance, the scriptwriter tries to build up the love based on pure simplicity and one kiss. Prince loves herbecause she cares for everyone in the family, and she creates fun at home. Good job done there, however writing lacks the personal touch. More events displaying hero, and heroine shades would have helped the script.

Music and songs are average part of the movie. Songs like 'Engine Ki Seeti,' 'Preet,' 'Naina' and 'Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai' are ok but not absorbing.

The positives are; it manages to keep you on your seat. You can watch the movie with family. It makes you laugh in bits and pieces. Sonam Kapoor looks pretty, and Fawad holds the ground. Director Shahshank Ghosh seems to have done better job in parts. Characters are flexible and change their views with fewer emotions.

Screen-play is elegant, and background score of the movie looks average.

Overall, I would rate it as 2.5 out of 5.

Director: Shashanka Ghosh

Music composed by: Sneha Khanwalkar


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