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Kickboxer:Vengeance delievers on action but not on acting

Updated on December 8, 2016

Basic Plot

After a long day at work it was time to see what was new on Netflix. I came across Kickboxer:Vengeance and was intrigued to watch this movie since Jean-Claude Van Damme was in this movie.

The movie starts with Kurt Sloane(Alain Moussi) looking to train under Tong Po played by Dave Batista. I was surprised to see Georges St-Pierre in this movie and he fights with Sloane to start things off. Later that night Sloane sneaks into Po's bedroom with a gun to kill him. We then learn why he wants Po dead.

The movie jumps to three months earlier and we see Darren Shahlavi in his last movie before his untimely death playing the role of David Sloane a recent Gold medal champion. David and Kurt are having a party when in walks Gina Carano as Marcia with an offer that David can not refuse.

After David's death at the hands of Po. Kurt begins his mission to get revenge for his brother. He gets a trainer in Master Durand played by the great Jean-Claude Van Damme.


I loved the cast for this movie. Alain Moussi did a good job as Kurt Sloane. His acting ability was not that great but his fighting scenes were very good. Jean-Claude Van Damme did an awesome job as Master Durand. His acting skills improved for this movie and he still has his fighting moves that make you remember his younger days. The rest of the cast did a decent job overall. I like seeing some of my favorite MMA fighters getting some acting jobs and I was impressed by Dave Batista.

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My Thoughts

Overall I would give this movie 3 out of 5 stars. The acting was not great but in most fighting movies acting is never that good. The fighting scenes do enough to keep you interested in the movie. I believe John Stockwell did a very good job directing this movie. I enjoyed the revenge storyline and I would recommended this movie to all action fans. I am very happy that their will be another Kickeboxer movie coming in 2017 called Kickboxer:Retaliation with Alain Moussi and Jean-Claude Van Damme coming back for the new movie.


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    • Drunken gator profile image

      Drunken gator 8 months ago

      This is a reboot of the series. Van Damme is actually playing the trainer in this film. Alain Moussi is playing the main character. The one Van Damme played years ago. You should watch it. It's not as great as original but surprised me that it wasn't total garbage.

    • YouGet1Shot profile image

      Chris Desatoff 8 months ago from USA

      I saw the original Kickboxer (where Van Damme was the lead character) when I was a kid. So is this a sequel, then? Is he playing the same character from the original.