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Kid Breakdancers Future Funk America's Got Talent Predictions

Updated on August 19, 2010

Will the Mini Duo Win AGT

Future Funk is a duo of five and ten-year-old breakdancers who are contestants on the fifth season of America's Got Talent. This is one of those classic "cute kid" acts that arguably get a lot of votes for just that -- being cute. Future Funk got picked by the judges over another young act -- the female Hip Hop dancing group RNG--as the last act to advance during their quarterfinals round. These kids have shown considerable talent for their ages. However, for the reasons stated below, Future Funk will likely fail to win America's Got Talent.

First, Future Funk shouldn't even be in the semifinals. When the last spot left in their quarterfinals went to them, they were up against RNG. While RNG has its own limitations, that group did a decent job of pulling off choreography more difficult than what the act was used to executing. RNG showed the ability to follow complex choreography. Future Funk, on the other hand, did not have any semblance of complex choreography, and, while the 10-year-old kid pulled off some decent breaking, the 5-year-old made a pretty big mess of the performance and really did nothing special but arm movements.

Future Funk really has one solid breaker, at least for his age, in the older boy. But the 5-year-old really only brings the cute factor and is not an accomplished breaker or performer. This is not a well-oiled machine that deserves to be on the same stage as RNG, much less the better acts in the competition. Someone obviously provides their choreography, and the person who provides it knows that it has to remain super simple to avoid being a complete disaster. Just look at how simple the choreography is. There is no way this act has the talent to be in the semifinals.

However, some argue that Future Funk is "entertaining." Huh? I understand and agree that entertainment value is a relevant component to judging talent. After all, putting together an act that is entertaining is, in itself, a type of talent. However, Future Funk, while entertaining, does not deserve the credit for its entertainment value. Someone else is putting together their show, telling them what to say in the interviews, etc. That is patently obvious.

Additionally, being cute, even if considered a form of entertainment, is not unique enough to prevail in a talent contest unless the judges are way off base on judging talent. Just look at it this way--if the members of an act could be easily substituted with other cute kids that could pull off the same low-difficulty-level performance, then that act should not be given credit for talent over another act that possesses actual skills apart from simply being cute.

It simply couldn't be more obvious to anyone who knows anything about dance that even RNG is a far more accomplished group than Future Funk in the category of dancing. Let's not even mention Haspop, who actually deserves to make the semifinals on actual talent. Future Funk got their shot for being good for their age and being cute. There is nothing wrong with that. But then the judges bailed them out when they couldn't make the Top 3 even with the obvious voting for their being cute. It should have ended there, but the producers of America's Got Talent obviously wanted to see them one more time for some reason.

Well, Future Funk's time should be over now. During the semifinals, they face stiff competition from the following acts:

Michael Grimm

Taylor Mathews

Kristina Young

Antonio Restivo

Christina and Ali


Prince Poppycock

Dan Sperry


Anna and Patryck

Connor Doran

Most, if not all, of these other America's Got Talent acts in Future Funk's semifinals round are a more polished and arguably more talented act. I won't even mention the overall favorites like Michael Grimm or Prince Poppycock. Let's just look at AscenDance and Anna and Patryck. AscenDance has a unique act that is very graceful and capable of being expanded into a more diverse show without adding more talented performers. Future Funk would need talented performers to join them, as it is patently clear that they can't do the more difficult tricks. This is not even debatable. And Anna and Patryck, who are only 12 themselves, are an extremely diverse dance duo that do ballroom and other dances. Their skill level is extremely high and at least comparable to what you can see from So You Think You Can Dance adult dance contestants. Future Funk doesn't even measure up in the dance category without even considering the other non-dance acts.

Considering that Future Funk has nowhere else to go in terms of talent and needed to be saved by the judges last time, the act will likely fail to advance to the finals of America's Got Talent. Simply put, it is high time for the cute kids to go home. They don't measure up to Haspop and the other truly talented peformers in the fifth season of AGT.


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