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Kim Dong Ryul

Updated on November 9, 2014
Kim Dong Ryul
Kim Dong Ryul | Source

Kim Dong Ryul is one of South Korea's famous ballad singer, composer, lyricist, music producer. His soothing & deep voice, powerful poignant lyrics and sweet melody will take the listeners to fully enjoy his music & feel the beautiful / sad meaning behind the songs. He was born in 1974 and most of his music genres are ballad and jazz.

After winning the first place at MBC University Song Festival in 1993 with his close friend Seo Dong Wook, they debuted in duo group Exhibition a year later. Together they released three albums An Essay of Memory, At The Confessional and Graduation (this album was a very meaningful album for both of them who decided to go on their separate path in 1997, Seo Dong Wook went back to study. In Dreams, the song which made them won the first prize back in 1993 & made them popular was included on this album).

Exhibition (Kim Dong Ryul & Seo Dong Wook) - In Dreams


In 1997, Kim Dong Ryul then collaborated with another talented artist Lee Juck, Their project group Carnival released an album in 1997.

One song from this album, Goose's dream / Dreams of Geese is still very popular until now. Amazing singer Insooni also made this song very popular when she released it in 2007. Lots of people (myself included) thought that she's the original singer. Little did I know that this song was actually released almost 2 decades ago.

This inspiring song encourages us to dream an impossible dream although people around us repeatedly tell us that it's impossible to reverse reality and the end which's already written.

Other singers have covered this song, namely Davichi, Lim Jung Hee, Kim Yuna, and others. Suzy and Eunjung sang this song in hit Korean Drama Dream High.

Carnival (Kim Dong Ryul & Lee Juck) - Goose's Dream

Verandah Project
Verandah Project | Source

He teamed up with his close friend guitarist Lee Sang Soon, they released an album Day Off in 010 and named their "duo group" as Verandah Project. This album has mixed-genre songs from pop, nova to ballad.

My favorite song from his album is Mountain Climbing. It's a very soothing relaxing song which helps me to un-wind & de-stress.

A song about climbing the mountain through steep path, encourages us to close our eyes & stand still to listen to the sound of wind which calms down our restless mind. After we gain strength, we're ready to climb back down, return to our busy lives knowing that everything will be okay. It gives me strength to face the uncertainty of the world.

Kim Dong Ryul - At Long Last

Solo Albums

Kim Dong Ryul released his first solo album Shadow of Forgetfulness in 1998. A year later, he went to Berklee College of Music majoring in film scoring.

In August 2010, he released his second album Hope. Homecoming, his third solo album was released one year later.

After he graduated, he released a more refine & mature album in 2004. Hit song from this album is At Long Last.

He released his fifth album Monologue in 2008. Maybe because it's the year when I discovered his songs, this album and his latest albums are my favorite albums. Departure is a relaxing song which makes me want to pack up my bag, grab my camera & go on a relaxing holiday.

Like a Child features Alex, is a sweet romantic song about a man who's madly in love with his lover, but is scared & nervous if she'll disappear one day.

Celebrating his 20 years debut anniversary, he released his 6th album Walking With in 2014. The title track How I Am featuring actor Gong Yoo topped music charts as soon as it was released and his other songs are ranked high in music charts.

Kim Dong Ryul is well known as an amazing lyricists, composer & singer who's able to write poignant lyrics about unrequited love, How I Am is his other masterpiece about this theme. The pain of heartbreak, the longing, the love that he/she still has for his/her lover is beautifully expressed here.

Walking With also deserves a praise. It's my favorite song from this album. The lyric is very poetic, it starts quite slow but it builds up to be a majestic song.

Walking With is now available on YesAsia or iTunes.

Kim Dong Ryul - How I Am


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