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Kim Kardashian West Shared Body Photo

Updated on March 9, 2016

What does it all mean?

The questions/thoughts regarding the behavior of the Instagram social media woman. What is the buzz really about? What is the flood of attention all about?

Steps to Becoming an Elegant woman

1 . Think Elegantly. Start thinking of yourself the way you want to be perceived.

2. Poised and Relaxed with good posture.

3. Take Pride In your appearance. Wearing a nice dress from time to time can help. It's nice to wear skirts more often but make sure your skirts or shorts aren't too short.

Kim Kardashian’s selfie hits social media and there are a flurry of comments. She does a great job of creating buzz creating controversy and pushing the edge to stay in the media spotlight and continue to grow her social media audience. Beautiful woman-hands down. She’s not the first nor the last to post nude photos. Celebrities such as Amber Rose tend to feel similarly about “empowerment.”

Empowerment (Wikipedia) refers to measures designed to increase the degree of autonomy and self-determination in people and in communities in order to enable them to represent their interests in a responsible and self-determined way, acting on their own authority. Empowerment refers both to the process of self-empowerment and to professional support of people, which enables them to overcome their sense of powerlessness and lack of influence, and to recognize and eventually to use their resources and chances.

Actress, Film Maker, Humanitarian, Wife, Mother



Kim Kardashian: “In all seriousness, I never understand why people get so bothered by what other people choose to do with their lives,” Kim added. “I don’t do drugs, I hardly drink, I’ve never committed a crime—and yet I’m a bad role model for being proud of my body?

Amber Rose reported said: I’m With You, Kim Kardashian Should Keep Posting Naked Selfies. "We're so quick to down each other instead of uplifting!" Bette Midler Bette Midler, 68, (born in Honolulu, Hawaii) is an American actress, singer-songwriter, comedian, film producer and entrepreneur. Bette has won three Grammy Awards, four Golden Globes, three Emmy Awards, and a special Tony Award. "Kim Kardashian tweeted a nude selfie today. If Kim wants us to see a part of her we've never seen, she's gonna have to swallow the camera."

Chloe Grace Moretz posted on social media: "@KimKardashian I truly hope you realize how important setting goals are for young women, teaching them we have so much more to offer than just our bodies,"

Pink made her thoughts clear:

"Shout out to all of the women, across the world, using their brains, their strength, their work ethic, their talent, their ‘magic' that they were born with, that only they possess," Pink, who has posed for nude and topless pictures in the past, wrote. "It may not ever bring you as much ‘attention' or bank notes as using your body, your sex, your tits and asses, but women like you don't need that kind of ‘attention,'" she went on.

"In the quiet moments, you will feel something deeper than the fleeting excitement resulting from attention, you will feel something called pride and self respect. Keep on resisting the urge to cave,"

Mae West's tag line was come up and see me sometime not "look-it" everybody....

The Talk Conversation

Do You View Releasing Nude Photos of Oneself as Empowering?

See results

Confident Woman

Now Everyone's In An Uproar. My questions:

  • · Are women that cover their bodies in order for their minds to be respected and to present themselves in a respectful manner ashamed of themselves?
  • Is this old school thinking that nude photos and oversexualized presentations and behavior is best left in the confines of the marriage/relationship bed-behind closed doors?
  • Does nudity show that you accept and love the skin you are in?
  • If one feels empowered by showing their body to the world are you really proud of your body or are you seeking the admiration, attention, and approval of others?
  • When your children view your past as a mother what will their image be when it comes to defining the worth and value of a woman?
  • Do oversexualized photos or posting nude selfies encourage other young people that admire you to believe this is the way to gain instant international fame from the public?
  • Will the perfect Instagram twerk shot make you rich?
  • How important is attention and fame?
  • In a world full of business achievement when women are taking over the world, including running for president, do sexualized presentation promote the respect of women in business?
  • Do you feel your lasting legacy should be one’s ass-et?
  • Isn’t Kim K. confident when she walks the runway or attends public events?
  • Why do you find that some women have a need to bare their bodies to the world constantly when other women, just as sexy that could, do not?
  • Do you feel that this media buzz will push young women even further into attempting to exploit their bodies for attention and profit?
  • Is it more important for people to know the measurements of your body or the beauty of your heart and humanitarian efforts?
  • If the point was to be proud of losing the baby weight, don’t you show that naturally when you wear dresses and different outfits?
  • Do such buzz from nude selfies happen because this is secretly a fight between morality/conservative values and those who push society in a different direction by bucking all rules even to detriment?


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