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Kim Kardashian flashes underwear in MET Gala wardrobe malfunction

Updated on May 11, 2014

Has anyone seen Kim Kardashian at the Gala? Well, she flashed her underwear. Not sure if this was done purposely, but it was hilarious. Now, nothing personal to Kim, but she is way too chubby for that little blue dress. I can see her fat on top of her arms and on her thighs. I think a person with a little more class would have probably covered up.

Well, her face still looks good. Although it does look like she may have had some surgery done. Well, she seems happy so I guess that is all that counts. I know many women her age would wish to look like her. I guess money buys everything, even true love these days. I wish her the best of happiness with Kanye and I hope they raise North well.

So about that upcoming wedding in France? How cool is that? Never in my life will I be able to afford a wedding like that. Well, I guess Kim works hard to look good and to be famous. She is like almost always on her best behavior. Well, except for that time she cried on national television over her broken marriage to Chris Humphries. Hopefully that pitiful scenario does not happen again.

The first dress was much better on her. Well, you know Kim. The girl has a need to be sexy. She got it and she likes to flaunt it. I guess we cannot call her shy. I wonder what Beyoncé is doing? At least Kanye seems really happy with her. He looks like he is dazed. I guess maybe because they are not officially married yet and have busy schedules the honeymoon phase lasted longer than usual. Once that marriage is complete, then we will have to wait and see. What's up with the black bracelets? Is Kim trying to be a dominatrix or something? Somehow I cannot see her as that since she is just such a people pleaser.


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